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Build stronger cases, faster

DISCO Case Builder is changing the way case teams leverage depositions by automating everything low-value, redundant, and siloed about deposition review and trial preparation today and making high-value work easier — giving attorneys more time to develop case strategy and win.

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New Feature

Organize your evidence and testimony in one place where your entire team can work together throughout the life of your matter, from the very start. Collaboratively build a winning case narrative with the most significant facts and information.

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Deposition review features you’ll love

Powerful search
Complete context
Automatic video syncing
Cloud collaboration
Witness profiles
Organized evidence
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Meet DISCO Case Builder

DISCO Case Builder is changing the way case teams organize evidence and leverage testimony. Find out how with a customized demo.

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Simple, flat-rate pricing allows your team to invest in a winning strategy for every case

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Case Teams Everywhere Are Up Transcript Creek Without a Post-It

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The Modern Lawyer’s Guide to Depositions

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Case Study

Improve Outcomes and Speed Trial Prep? Done.

Negretti & Associates uses DISCO Case Builder to prep for trial, impeach a witness live, and impress the judge.

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Witness Assessment Programs: What They Are and Why Your Firm Needs One

Systemize witness assessment to choose the best experts for every case

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DISCO Case Builder

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DISCO Introduces Timelines: A Powerful Solution Set for Litigators and Case Teams

DISCO Case Builder

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