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Bringing Ediscovery to the Classroom

Law students often enter the workforce with little or no training on legal technology — and they aren’t necessarily given best practices on the job, either.

DISCO was built by lawyers who believe technology can greatly improve legal outcomes. That’s why we started DISCO for Schools, providing professors with the tools they need to prepare their students for legal careers — for free.

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— Jim Fine, Professor and Attorney, Paralegal Studies Program

“Because DISCO is so intuitive and easy to use, I have been able to demonstrate more advanced concepts such as batching and analytics in hands-on exercises that simulate office practices.”

Why should I join the program?

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— Joe Regalia, Law Professor
and co-founder of Write.law

“Incorporating DISCO into our curriculum made the concept of ediscovery concrete and prepared our students for the actual practice of law. After using DISCO for 3 years in both 1L and 3L courses, I could not be happier with the results.”

It’s needed

Most states require lawyers to keep current with applicable legal technology. Still, over 40% of lawyers report receiving no technology training.

It’s easy

Our technology is so intuitive that users can often start reviewing documents with little to no training.

It’s real world education

Students will learn all facets of ediscovery, from data ingest to ECA, review, analytics, productions and privilege logs.

It’s free!

Did we mention that part?

Get started now

Teach the law, leave the technology to us.

DISCO for Schools provides students and professors free access to the leading ediscovery technology for educational purposes. We provide the tech, the database, the activities, and the product training while you focus on teaching the law.

What’s included:

Review database with recommended student activities

We’ll provide access to a database, admin rights, and unlimited student users, along with prepared exercises to guide your students through standard ediscovery practices.

Live and on-demand product training and support

You and your students will have access to all DISCO University resources during the program, including live and on-demand training. Or, schedule a personalized training for your class.

Ongoing classroom consultation and support

Our DISCO University staff will help you implement our technology and activities seamlessly into your curriculum.

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— 1L student

“I feel like I see cases in an entirely different way now. Before, all we had read about was cases and the end of litigation. Now I see what the process looks like for lawyers during all that time leading up to the opinions.”

Law school is hard — but ediscovery doesn’t need to be. It is vital that students prepare themselves for the use of technology, including ediscovery — and DISCO for Schools is here to help.

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