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Cecilia AI

Investigate the facts faster — and get the answer sooner — with secure AI tools. It’s as easy as asking a question or dropping in a document.

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Generative AI legal solutions

Take advantage of state-of-the-art AI to transform your legal practice. These generative AI capabilities plug right into your existing litigation or investigation workflows. The Cecilia AI platform is secure, so your confidential data is never sent to train another company’s model, and performant, to keep up with your largest cases.

Cecilia timelines

Upload a complaint or case document. Get an AI-generated timeline summarizing key facts in just minutes.

Cecilia Q&A

Interrogate your evidence — literally. Ask a question about your case, and get an answer supported by cited documents in your database.

Screenshot: Automatic Timeline Creation

Cecilia doc summaries

Fast-track your Ediscovery review with secure, generative AI. Summarize a long, important, or foreign-language document in one click, right in the document viewer.

Cecilia auto review

Automate your document review using generative AI. Simply provide tag descriptions in plain English. Receive tagged documents with narrative justifications for each decision.

Screenshot: Automatic Timeline Creation
Screenshot of Timelines Feature

Cecilia deposition summaries

Cecilia summarizes depositions – with citations, topic, and date – so you can easily understand testimony and navigate to key points.

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Curious to learn how DISCO AI could help you compete?

This is a critical moment for legal services providers as they think about how to stay profitable in the era of generative AI. Let us show you how technological advances can upgrade both the client experience and the practice of excellent legal work.