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Cecilia is your ediscovery AI chatbot. Ask her a question about a case, and Cecilia is designed to provide an evidence-based answer with citations to documents in your DISCO Ediscovery database. To hear the latest release updates on Cecilia and join the waitlist, sign up now.

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Meet Cecilia


DISCO is excited to give you a preview of Cecilia, the new AI chatbot brought to you from 8 years of learnings by our expert AI lab! Combining generative AI, large language models, and advanced search technologies, Cecilia is capable of answering natural language questions about your specific ediscovery database and providing you with documentation to support her answer.

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Interrogate Your Evidence

Cecilia is designed to be the case team member you can’t live without. Instead of constructing complex search queries and combing through hundreds of documents, simply ask her a question about your case in your own words. Cecilia will generate an answer from your Ediscovery database — along with citations to the documents that support her answer.

Answers from your private case data

Cecilia is designed to know facts and context from your specific cases – so you’ll get the type of answers that you would expect from a member of your case team.

Always cites her sources

Cecilia is designed to back up her answers with highlighted documents related to your question for your review.

Handles large cases with ease

Cecilia is integrated with DISCO Ediscovery, which works with cases with millions or tens of millions of documents, email, messages, and other potential evidence.

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Transparent ediscovery pricing

DISCO’s flat-rate, per-gigabyte pricing model eliminates surprises and allows for better budget planning.

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