How Artificial Intelligence Transforms Ediscovery

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Firms and corporations across the globe are turning to AI-powered ediscovery to save costs, reduce document review populations, institutionalise knowledge, and develop ever better relationships with savvy cost-focussed clients and businesses. However, with so much noise in the legal tech market, it’s easy to think all AI-powered ediscovery solutions were created equal. 

To dispel that myth, Tripp Hemphill, VP of Enterprise Markets at DISCO, recently took the main stage at the Legal Geek conference to highlight the features that make DISCO's AI-powered Ediscovery solution different and provide an overview of the science that sits behind our tech. Find out how DISCO Ediscovery stands apart with AI built for the future of legal practice. 


DISCO Ediscovery is more than just another legal tech solution — with built-in AI you can reap the rewards of speed, efficiency, and associated cost savings in just one click

  • Bubble up documents more likely to be relevant based on prior tagging 
  • Receive informed tag suggestions 
  • Own your cross-matter AI models to operationalise your knowledge across multiple cases 

If you’d like to start your own conversation about what our AI-powered ediscovery technology can do to deliver speed and cost efficiencies to your firm or business, then take 15 minutes to talk with one of our tech experts!  

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Andy Moroney

Andy Moroney is Product and Content Marketing Manager at DISCO EMEA. He has extensive experience as a legal writer and publisher, covering all disciplines of legal practice.