DISCO Cecilia

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Cecilia is your ediscovery AI chatbot. Ask her a question about a case, and Cecilia is designed to provide an evidence-based answer with citations to documents in your DISCO Ediscovery database.

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Screenshot: Robust analytics
Graphic: Intuitive, built-in AI

Intuitive, built-in AI

Make the most of your team’s legal work by leveraging DISCO AI and ediscovery tools to prioritize, guide, and QC your reviewers.

AI-prioritized review bubbles up documents likely to be relevant based on tagging work your team has already done

AI tag predictions aid reviewers by suggesting tags when documents are similar to those already reviewed

AI-predicted tag changes can be used to quickly QC your team’s work at any point in the discovery process

Robust analytics

Our cloud ediscovery software is designed to give lawyers and legal teams the tools to quickly and easily make sense of large volumes of data, find critical documents, and eliminate irrelevant documents from review. No extra software, setup, or cost required.

Identify or filter by most inclusive emails or similar documents

Find inconsistently coded documents or emails between a group of participants or domains

Automatically detect languages and predict tags in eight languages

Explore your documents with data visualization and automatic email threading

Screenshot: Robust analytics
Graphic: Cross-matter AI

Cross-matter AI

Cross-matter AI lets organizations use DISCO Ediscovery software to build AI models that span multiple matters. This means you can leverage work product from other matters in your organization to categorize documents efficiently from day one in a new matter.

Your data is secure because there’s no known way to reverse-engineer the data used to train our AI models

You own your cross-matter AI models — no other DISCO users can access your models

AI-powered workflows

Manage large and complex reviews without sacrificing our signature ease of use and performance. Optimize your ediscovery projects with more flexibility and less administrative burden for more efficient and accurate results.

Gain insight with key metrics presented to you in real-time dashboards (no setup required)

Speed up finding your key evidence with with defensible workflows and AI prioritization

Get smarter document sets with just-in-time batching

Help prevent errors before they start with powerful conditional coding for tags and work product

Screenshot: AI-powered workflows
Graphic: AI-driven topic index

AI-driven topic index

Topic clustering with automatic indexing builds a table of contents for your document population. It works before you’ve reviewed a single document — look at the topic list to start learning the language of your case.

Find topic clustering in search visualization and use it in combination with all of DISCO’s search tools

Explore data easily by drilling down into subtopics or filtering to find relevant topics

Discover, organize, and prioritize documents at every stage of your case

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Transparent ediscovery pricing

DISCO’s flat-rate, per-gigabyte pricing model eliminates surprises and allows for better budget planning.

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