Your Guide to a Successful Ediscovery Data Migration

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Your guide to a successful ediscovery data migration

Migrating ediscovery projects can seem tedious and time-consuming, but the benefits of switching to a better solution – data security, improved efficiency, ease of use – make the process all worth it. 

Although each case is different, you can follow these universal best practices to ensure your data migration process is as seamless and secure as possible. 

Plus, read on to learn how our white-glove professional services take care of the data transfer for you, including one month of free hosting. 

Data migration best practices

Start with a clear roadmap.

Plan, plan, plan. A good roadmap for your data migration project makes all the difference, and failure to have one in place can result in unwelcome costs, lost time, and even potential spoliation. 

This plan will serve as a place where information about the migration can be maintained and tracked throughout the project lifecycle, including considerations like: 

  • The data’s current source, origin, and destination
  • Which data needs to be transferred and which does not
  • The data components that need to be migrated, like metadata and notes or tags
  • The timeline for the migration and active matters that may be impacted
  • Volume and format of the data, including password-locked or otherwise secured files

💡Pro tip: Create a detailed data inventory and prioritize which data needs to be migrated first. This helps identify the best exporting format so there is no loss or confusion on the import side.

Find ediscovery experts who can provide structure and support.

Migrating your data can be a technical and complicated process, and familiarity with database components and structure is key. 

Surround yourself with tech savvy stakeholders, project managers, and consultants who can assist with the most specialized parts of the migration. This can range from IT managers to litigation support and legal ops – but ensure that members of the team have a good understanding of your ediscovery database and know how to generate different types of data exports from it. 

💡Pro tip: When choosing a new ediscovery platform, look for a provider that offers expert ediscovery services to assist with your migration.

"DISCO made migrating a breeze. Little to no downtime from one platform to the other, and DISCO Ediscovery is very easy to navigate."
Christina Roth, Schaefer Halleen LLC

Develop a plan for ensuring data quality.

Congratulations! You are nearly done with your migration. Make sure to set aside time in the process to quality check your new database and ensure everything has been transferred successfully. 

To confirm your data was correctly ingested into your new ediscovery platform, double check if:

  • Work products like tags or comments were correctly transferred
  • Images, native files, and text are displayed correctly
  • Parent-child relationships were properly identified
  • Metadata was loaded appropriately 
  • The document Bates range and page count match

Ediscovery data migration checklist

Success story: From migration to production in 6 weeks

Over 150 defendants. 400,000 total documents. Three-week timeline. 

Learn how an Am Law 200 firm was able to work with DISCO to meet a tight deadline and for a 53% lower cost than if they’d performed the review within the firm. Even after the client discovered an additional 86,000 documents, the firm was able to migrate their two databases in just 48 hours and meet their deadline in less than half the time. 

📄 Download the full case study here.

Switch ediscovery providers with ease

Ready to switch providers? Moving to DISCO Ediscovery has never been easier. With our limited time migration special, DISCO’s Professional Services teams do the work of migrating your data for you, including:

  • One month of free hosting for your initial month
  • A rate of $10 per GB per month for migrated load file data
  • No charge for migration services on migrations over 100 GB
  • Unlimited users and access to our cutting-edge AI solutions

Take the headache, cost, and risk out of switching from your current platform: Book a meeting.

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