Case Builder Timelines

A single, searchable timeline of your entire case.

Why use Timelines?

Timelines allows case teams to build a stronger case faster by creating a single, organized repository of all your facts that your entire team can collaborate on — so everyone can easily see the big picture and make connections quickly.

Screenshot: Automatic Timeline Creation

timeline creation

Upload a complaint or other case document and have your AI-generated timeline created.

Get your key facts succinctly summarized and organized by date in minutes.

Easily link supporting documents and testimony from DISCO Ediscovery and Case Builder.

Timelines allow you to:

Seamlessly collaborate with your team to find the most compelling narrative.

Reduce the risk of missing something important by storing, collecting, and analyzing all case facts in one place.

Search across everything using filters and Westlaw-style search syntax to instantly find what you need.

Screenshot of Timelines Feature

Timelines are included in DISCO Case Builder

DISCO Case Builder is changing the way case teams organize evidence and leverage testimony. Find out how with a customized demo.

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