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Powerful search

Instantly search across all of your depositions, witnesses, work product, and team communication from a single, cloud-based view. Leverage powerful search techniques like Westlaw/LexisNexis-style search syntax to pinpoint the best evidence in seconds — no matter how complex your search or how many depositions you’re searching across.

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Complete context

Analyze your deposition testimony with complete context in every case. Review transcripts, automatically synchronized videos, exhibits, team notes, and issues side by side. Search, review, edit, and export any or all annotations from across all of your depositions and compare video evidence across witnesses — all from a single, holistic view.

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Screenshot: Complete context
Screenshot: Automatic video syncing

Automatic video syncing

Make strategic use of deposition videos in every case from day one with automatic, no-cost video synchronization to the transcripts. Compare video evidence across witnesses on the same screen. Prepare the best moments for trial easily with clip list exports that automate the creation of video clips in trial presentation platforms like TrialDirector, OnCue, and Sanction.

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Cloud collaboration

Collaborate with your team throughout the life of a case to highlight, add annotations and notes, and make designations in a single, digital copy of each deposition. Create custom tag sets for each case organized by categories like issues, elements, anticipated use, witness information, and more that your entire team can use with their preferred keystrokes.

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Screenshot: Witness profiles

Witness profiles

Streamline and improve witness assessment and selection with comprehensive, searchable witness dossiers. Track key aspects of witness performance such as credibility, cooperativeness, responsiveness, and case impact in easy-to-use profiles and easily sort or filter your witnesses by those details. Build an exportable witness repository that can be used by anyone at your firm to quickly select the best experts for every case.

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Organized evidence

Prepare transcripts, notes, issue summaries, designations, videos, and more for use in motions, binders, or at trial in seconds. Copy and paste key excerpts of testimony into motions or briefs with the Bluebook citation formatting and style guidelines automatically applied. Easily export video clip lists that automate and accelerate evidence preparation in trial presentation platforms.

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