Preparing Video Clips for Trial Presentation Doesn’t Have to Involve Crying

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As trial looms, so too does the invariably frenzied back-and-forth between case teams and trial techs over video prep. Articulating the edits you need to your video clips when only the trial presentation expert knows how to perform those feats of technical wizardry can be a frustrating exercise — especially as your trial costs mount with each additional adjustment.

While the pre-trial scramble may continue to be, well, a scramble, preparing video clips for presentation is one area where you can be confident that you’re driving efficiencies and cost control.

That’s because you can now export video clip lists from DISCO Case Builder that you (or your trial techs or graphics consultants) can use to automate the creation of video clips in trial presentation tools. With clip list exports, trial techs are able to bypass several steps in the process to create and edit your video clips in platforms such as TrialDirector, OnCue, and Sanction. Techs can use this recouped time to polish your presentations and reduce the risk of game-time errors such as a clip playing out of sync with a transcript, or designation and counter-designation clips overlapping. 

The result? Less email tag with your trial techs to finalize your trial presentation, lower trial costs, and total confidence that you’re showing precisely the right video moments and making the most compelling argument possible. 

While DISCO can’t develop a winning trial strategy for you, Case Builder can help you prepare for trial faster and for a lower cost, reserving more time and budget for the highest-value legal work with features like video clip list exports. 

To see how to export a clip list from Case Builder, check out this quick article.
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Susan Stuehrk

Susan Stuehrk is the senior manager of product marketing at DISCO. She has over 10 years of experience driving sales and go-to-market strategy for SaaS and AI technology companies.