Graphic: Secure infrastructure

Secure infrastructure

DISCO Ediscovery is designed to manage, process, and store customer ediscovery data in accordance with relevant data protection regulations as well as security best practices.

SOC2 Type 2 and ISO 27001 certified and GDPR- and HIPAA-compliant

Encrypted in transit and at rest

Hosted on AWS global infrastructure, built with the highest standards for privacy and data security

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Added security

We have enabled additional steps for more peace of mind.

Benefit from a second layer of protection with two-factor authentication when logging in with a DISCO ID

Increase credential security by enabling automatically expiring passwords

Extend your organization’s authentication and security requirements to DISCO by enabling single sign-on (SSO), gaining more visibility and control over user credentials and access

Screenshot: Added security
Screenshot: Secure data transfer

Secure data transfer

DISCO’s high-speed uploader (HSU) enables the secure transfer of enterprise data directly to the DISCO platform. Designed to operate in the cloud from the beginning, our ediscovery software combines the benefits of AWS and DISCO to improve security, reduce your data footprint, and increase visibility and control over the discovery process.

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Transparent ediscovery pricing

DISCO’s flat-rate, per-gigabyte pricing model eliminates surprises and allows for better budget planning.

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