Screenshot: Reclaim time for review and QC

Reclaim time for review and QC

Making a production shouldn’t take all day or require constant back and forth. Our cloud ediscovery software uses auto-scaling infrastructure, so your production never has to wait in line behind anybody else’s. More than 89% of all productions run in DISCO Ediscovery take less than 30 minutes to run.

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Configure and run productions in as few as four clicks

In legacy platforms, productions require manually moving your documents through more than a dozen different steps. We designed our ediscovery tools to simplify productions and remove extraneous steps.

Never wait in line behind anyone else’s production with our auto-scaling infrastructure

No additional step for imaging: all documents are imaged at ingest for no additional charge

Safely make dinner plans even if a production is due that day — you can quickly re-run a production if there’s a last-minute change

Graphic: Configure and run productions in a few as four clicks
Screenshot: Fully control your production

Fully control your production

Use ediscovery software that lets you meet the most complex production specifications with ease — there’s no need to go back and forth with a vendor to get your production settings right.

Choose, order, and format your load file with our metadata picker to meet any production protocol

Customize everything from stamps to field names to slip sheets — so you never have to go back and edit the .dat file after the fact

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Transparent ediscovery pricing

DISCO’s flat-rate, per-gigabyte pricing model eliminates surprises and allows for better budget planning.

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