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Fast & accurate performance

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DISCO is able to maximize performance by automatically scaling and reorganizing itself based on the volume of data and the number of users, ensuring that all tasks — no matter how complex — remain almost instant.

Fast Data Ingestion

DISCO’s self-service uploader allows for rapid data ingestion of up to 180 GB per hour. What's more, concurrent data loading and processing lets you search and review your first documents in minutes.

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1/10-second search

Experience the speed and simplicity of DISCO. A third-party study found DISCO to be 14× faster than legacy solutions.

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1/3 second document viewing

On average, reviewers waste 40 minutes per day waiting for documents to render. DISCO removes this burden by offering 1/3-second document rendering, even on information-dense files such as spreadsheets.

“DISCO looks like Google, is just as easy to use, and it’s fast. I’m a big fan."

Amy Byrd, Associate
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DISCO's 1/3 second document viewing illustration
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