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It’s just two clicks

(try doing that in other software)

Designed with you in mind, we developed DISCO's user interface to perform most functions within two clicks — regardless of complexity. What takes you 27 steps to complete in other products can be accomplished in 2 steps in DISCO. Which would you rather have?

DISCO home screen illustration

Clean, seamless, intuitive

(everything should be this easy)
DISCO's 100% native-cloud browser support icon.
100% native-cloud browser support
DISCO's simple drag and drop data ingestion icon
Simple drag-and-drop data ingestion
DISCO's westlaw-like syntax search terms icon.
Supports Westlaw-like syntax, terms, and connectors
DISCO's search visualization icon.
Search visualization
DISCO's next generation AI icon
Next-generation AI
DISCO's inclusive email threads icon
Easily view inclusive email threads, documents, and attachments
DISCO's keyboard shortcuts icon.
Intuitive one step document coding with keyboard shortcuts
DISCO's three easy steps document production icon.
Execute document productions in three easy steps
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Still curious, huh?

(there is plenty more to see)

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