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DISCO Professional Services is a group of legal and technology experts who partner with our clients to maximize their investment and use of DISCO products to effectively drive better legal outcomes. Roles within professional services range from highly consultative and people-focused, to technical and data-oriented. Regardless of the team or type of role, all professional services team members have a passion for client service, problem solving, and a curiosity about how technology can help to drive efficiency in legal matters.
Photo of Melanie Antoon,Senior Vice President, Professional Services
“DISCO is built with the legal professional end-user in mind, however we know many clients don’t have the resources to manage their matters alone. This is where DISCO’s Professional Services team becomes critical. With every interaction, our team of professionals  has the desire to help drive better legal outcomes for our clients.”
Melanie Antoon,
Senior Vice President, Professional Services

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Meet the recruiting team

Cameron Tepper
Recruiting Coordinator
Shawntelle Ferguson
Recruiting Coordinator
Cat Smith
Recruiting Coordinator
Delanee Nilles
Recruiting Coordinator
James Briante
Director, Revenue Recruiting Strategy
Lacey Prizler
Senior Recruiter
Miranda Gluth
University Recruiting
Sabrina LaGood-Robinson
Recruiting Coordinator