19 Legal Humor Accounts You Should Follow Immediately

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Burnt out by long nights, tough cases, and clunky legal tech when you aren’t using DISCO? The internet gets it.

We’ve put together a list of the most hilarious legal humor accounts to help you laugh through the pain. From classic meme accounts to the brightest legal TikTok stars, here’s a list of who you should be following online for a laugh, and some examples of their best work.

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(Note: Many of these accounts contain NSFW language and may contain political content.)



Creators of the beloved “chill paralegal” trope, Litigation God is awe-inspiring in the sheer volume of memes created each day.


Looking for a winking look at BigLaw culture? You’ve come to the right place. The account is run by a midlevel litigation associate in New York who is looking to "give you a laugh and some perspective."


Need law memes that lean more towards corporate law? But of course.


Your desire for memes is not yet sated? There are still so many more legal meme accounts on Instagram. 


Forget dry legal textbooks and dusty case files. This is your one-stop shop for all things legal, served with a generous dose of wit and a sprinkle of pop culture references.


Sharpen your wit and grab your gavel, because this legal feed is serving up justice with a side of humor. From courtroom dramas to office quirks, it's a hilarious look at the lighter side of the law.


This Instagram is your backstage pass to the legal world's funniest moments. From courtroom comebacks to office quirks, it's a relatable scroll through life as a lawyer, served with a side of sharp wit.


This account serves up witty one-liners, relatable lawyer struggles, and enough courtroom comebacks to make even the most stoic judge chuckle.


Alex Su (@legaltechbro

Alex has created a magical cast of characters — the sideways-hat-wearing sales guy, the bushy-tailed law student, the unappreciated in-house counsel — who play out all-too-real scenes from the legal world. His TikToks generally feature bangin’ music and stuffed animals as extras, and will even make your non-legal friends giggle. (Not on TikTok? You can still see his videos on LinkedIn or Instagram)

The Lawyer Angela (@thelawyerangela

Harvard Law grad Angela's account runs the gamut from class action lawsuits to commiserating about lawyer life to easy-to-follow scripts for everyday conundrums. Her soothing and friendly manner has earned her over 700K followers.

Attorney Tom (@attorneytom)

Does copyright apply to memes? Can you sue for emotional distress? Attorney Tom answers your burning legal questions (and some you didn't know you had) with an entertaining mix of expertise and humor. Think courtroom drama meets stand-up comedy.

Ugo Lord (@ugolord)

Law school for the masses! This TikToker breaks down legal complexities into bite-sized, hilarious videos, making justice a viral sensation.

Kathleen Martinez (@attorneymartinez)

@attorneymartinez breaks down the law with humor, heart, and enough personality to light up a courtroom. From immigration rights to everyday legal tips, she's your go-to guide for navigating the legal world with a smile (and maybe a TikTok trend or two).

Mike Mandell (@lawbymike)

Forget boring case files, this is courtroom comedy! Law by Mike brings the law to life with witty reenactments and relatable lawyer struggles.

Erika Kullberg (@erikakullberg)

Beyond entertainment, Erika Kullberg uses TikTok as a platform for practical empowerment. Her videos offer valuable insights on legal rights, consumer protection, and financial literacy, delivered in an engaging and informative manner.

Matt Margolis (@itsmattslaw)

@itsmattslaw provides cutting-edge legal commentary and analysis through a dynamic TikTok lens. Matt translates complex legal concepts into actionable insights, empowering you to navigate the legal landscape with confidence.

Maclen & Ashleigh (@the.law.says.what

Looking to bridge the gap between legal expertise and public understanding? @the.law.says.what is your key. Maclen & Ashleigh translate complex legal jargon into engaging content that empowers audiences to make informed decisions.

X (formerly Twitter)


Need more comics in your life? Cartoonist Cary Chu is a former Wall Street lawyer who has turned to making comics, and aims to poke fun at the absurd life in a law firm.


After a grueling day when you’re left feeling like you don’t know anything about the law….Well, at least you know more than these people.

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