DISCO Unveils Cecilia Doc Summaries, an AI-Powered Tool That Simplifies Analysis of Complex Legal Document Sets

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Legal technology company continues to roll out advanced generative AI capabilities that enable legal professionals to quickly understand lengthy case documents and speed up time to evidence

AUSTIN, Texas — May 9 DISCO (NYSE: LAW), a leader in AI-enabled legal technology, announced today the launch of Cecilia doc summaries, a Cecilia AI feature that is now available for free to all current DISCO Ediscovery users. Cecilia doc summaries is a generative AI tool that provides detailed and high-level takeaways of individual documents at a user’s request, and lets legal teams sift through hundreds of pages of documents to find the information and facts that are most relevant to the case. 

The nature of everyday legal work is evolving fast, as technology-enabled change continues to have a transformative impact on the industry. One challenge attorneys still face is having to parse through long documents and foreign language text, which can slow down review and lead to key pieces of information being missed. Cecilia doc summaries is a tool that lets teams expedite lengthy and tedious review processes, especially those with longer, more technical, or even foreign language documents, so they can more quickly orient themselves on the more important overarching themes within a specific legal document set. Users can easily, for example, distill the key points from a long report or contract; receive a comprehensive breakdown of a foreign language document in plain English; or obtain a summary of a new hot document found by Cecilia Q&A before sharing it with the case team — all with one click of a button.

“Over a short period of time, DISCO has made tremendous strides in delivering market-ready generative AI solutions, and we continue to be laser-focused on building products that provide tangible value to our customers,” said Kevin Smith, DISCO’s Chief Product Officer. “This is another example of how we are driving meaningful AI innovation in the space, and creating products that drive better outcomes for lawyers so they can shift their resources to focus on higher-value work.”

DISCO’s Cecilia AI platform includes generative AI offerings like Cecilia Q&A, a tool that allows users to ask natural language questions about the documents in their databases and receive detailed narrative responses along with specific source citations. Cecilia doc summaries is a feature within DISCO Ediscovery, a product that includes industry-leading AI tools for speeding up time to evidence. To learn more visit csdisco.com/offerings/ediscovery.