DISCO Publicly Launches Cecilia, an AI-Powered Platform for Legal Professionals to Transform their Workflows and Accelerate Fact Finding

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Legal technology leader releases generative AI products and capabilities designed to tackle complex litigation matters and reduce manual tasks to empower legal departments to focus on delivering better outcomes 

AUSTIN, Texas — December 7, 2023 — DISCO (NYSE: LAW), a leader in AI-enabled legal technology, announced today the general availability of its Cecilia AI platform, a comprehensive suite of features that includes Cecilia Q&A and Cecilia Timelines. Cecilia leverages the power of generative AI technology in a scalable and secure way, and is designed to give legal professionals an advanced solution to access the facts of their case faster, spend less time on cumbersome manual tasks, and enhance their ability to deliver better results. 

As the legal world continues to feel the transformational impact of generative AI, organizations are starting to become more comfortable with the idea of integrating these AI-driven tools into their tech stacks. Cecilia was built on a variety of underlying large language model technologies and advanced search techniques and gives organizations a competitive edge for identifying key factual insights, creating case strategy, and managing large-scale document reviews.  

“Businesses are now starting to understand the immense potential AI can have in disrupting numerous workflows and use cases. As generative AI matures, we continue to equip lawyers with more powerful capabilities than they have ever had, such as comprehensive document parsing, case building, and information extraction,” said Kevin Smith, DISCO’s Chief Product Officer. “Similar to smart home assistants, we envision Cecilia to be continuously adding new skills into the platform, and this is another step towards our goal of creating a truly end-to-end platform that can handle the world’s most complex legal matters.”

The Cecilia AI platform covers capabilities such as Cecilia Q&A, a fully sourced AI fact expert that can answer questions using the data included in a customer’s database, and helps attorneys quickly understand critical case elements, prepare for depositions, and create case strategy. Cecilia Q&A provides citations to its sources and answers questions based on private data included within that specific customer data set. 

“Commercial litigation boutiques like Reynolds Frizzell handle large and complex matters and, as you might expect with smaller firms, tactical efficiency is essential. We constantly look for new ways to harness technology that can help drive quicker and better results for our clients," said Mike Oldham, Commercial Trial Lawyer & Founding Partner, Reynolds Frizzell LLP. "The ability to leverage generative AI in large matters to get a baseline understanding of the facts quickly is exciting. While we are early adopters and have just started leveraging it, we've seen tangible value using Cecilia. It is a powerful tool that can accelerate early assessment and strategy on large complex cases. The advanced natural language interface also makes it much easier to involve clients in hands-on assessment of the facts that relate to their dispute.”

DISCO envisions the Cecilia AI platform as a powerful way for legal departments to gain more control and resolve cases faster. Cecilia Timelines is a feature that allows attorneys to automatically create smart timelines at the start of a matter and produce comprehensive reviews with facts succinctly summarized. Cecilia Auto Review, which is beginning private access this month, lets users perform automatic first-pass reviews using natural language tag definitions. 

“Orrick has a track record of embracing innovation and new technologies that have helped us drive firm-wide efficiencies," said Kristopher Wood, Senior Associate, Orrick. "In my experience, Cecilia dovetails nicely with that focus. It helped my team to quickly get our bearings in large new data sets, and obtain fast answers on obscure issues in familiar data sets, through a simple natural language question and answer process. Cecilia provides helpful narrative responses, and ‘shows its work’ by providing citations and quotes from specific source documents. We were able to make key tactical decisions based on that information, without needing to sift through dozens or hundreds of irrelevant search results."