DISCO Launches Collect For Slack, a Unified Cloud-Based Solution for Legal Teams to Manage and Preserve Slack Data

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Collect For Slack helps legal departments reduce their dependence on IT, mitigate information governance risks, and minimize data storage costs

DISCO (NYSE:LAW), a leader in AI-enabled legal technology, today announced the release of Collect For Slack, a cloud-based feature that unifies workflows and processes within collaboration tools like Slack into a single platform. This powerful solution gives teams the ability to reduce costs, maintain defensible data governance, deliver faster times to evidence, and ultimately provide better legal outcomes through a simplified and accelerated data collection process. 

Collaboration tools have become both ubiquitous in today’s enterprise landscape, and in particular, the legal sector, where platforms like Slack have become main data sources for ESI (electronically stored information) disputes and internal investigations. Yet collecting data on Slack and other collaboration platforms can be expensive and cumbersome, and is oftentimes difficult to parse through disjointed chats or translate messages into formats that are conducive to effective review. This creates significant discovery and review challenges for both IT and legal teams, and can complicate their ability to maintain consistent information governance. 

DISCO’s Collect For Slack feature enables legal teams to seamlessly identify, collect, preview, and promote Slack legal hold data for review, including for litigation, investigations, and compliance. The solution was built to support multiple personas including legal operations, associate general counsel, paralegals, and enterprise IT professionals, and works by integrating with the Slack Legal Hold API and the Slack Discovery API to centralize the hold-collect-review workflow in a single interface. Collect For Slack was designed to increase productivity and enhance preservation compliance by enabling defensible legal hold and defensible collections from a single interface, offering key benefits allowing teams to accelerate, automate, and scale their legal hold and review processes. 

“Companies have come to depend on collaboration tools like Slack for maintaining business continuity and increasing productivity, creating tremendous context that is relevant to disputes. Yet corporate legal departments can find it challenging to effectively collect and assess these communication channels,” said DISCO Chief Product Officer Kevin Smith. “Most current Slack data collection tools are costly and inefficient, and can bring on added risks around data spoliation and compliance requirements. Collect For Slack allows teams to orchestrate cross-platform legal holds and derive data from hard-to-capture sources like Slack, giving legal professionals the ability to centralize and preview collaboration data, and get to evidence faster.”

DISCO’s Collect For Slack feature exists within DISCO Hold, a solution which automates the manual work necessary to comply with preservation requirements, and empowers legal teams to preserve data, notify custodians, and track holds with defensible audit trails. DISCO Hold’s integration with Slack Legal Hold mitigates spoliation risks due to the unwitting deletion of data by IT that a company has the duty to preserve. The feature will soon add additional connectors for other collaboration tools, and was developed in response to feedback from enterprise clients indicating a need for the platform to extend downstream to include collections. 

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