Why Choose DISCO for Enterprise?

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Organization Management

DISCO provides a centralized cloud-based application to manage all the matters and review databases in your organization. You can create a review database in just a few seconds and begin uploading documents immediately. Driven by a simple, yet powerful, user interface, you have access to a feature-rich administration console that also provides case management, usage metrics, and billing oversight. DISCO provides full control and visibility across all your projects, allowing you to better manage your matters and predict your costs.

“Centralizing our management of requests within DISCO has allowed us to work together and quickly address a backlog of cases that were stalled in a collection or review phase prior to the implementation of the system.”

Josh Schaffer, Manager - Health Administration
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Enron v. SEC
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Data Management

Using DISCO, you can collect and upload data fourteen times faster than traditional methods. DISCO automatically performs all the processing needed to ingest the data and have it ready for review, such as email threading, deduplication, near-dupe analysis, extracting and indexing all metadata, OCR, and imaging. Gain valuable insights quickly using DISCO’s interactive ECA tools that let you visualize your data better. Leverage DISCO AI by enabling tag predictions with a single button.

“We were amazed by the speed. No matter how much data we tried to upload, we couldn't seem to slow it down.”

Sara Ann Brown, Litigation Associate
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User Management

DISCO allows you to manage users across your organization, from reviewers and litigation support to outside counsel and expert witnesses, from a single intuitive interface. You can easily see their level of involvement and activities in all the matters and databases. Customizable role-based permissions give you fine-tuned control over which matters, databases, features, work product, and documents users can access. Two-factor authentication provides an extra layer of security to meet your security requirements.

“DISCO can handle anything you throw at it including a massive 24TB database with 100 million documents and dozens of users in multiple locations. DISCO met all our needs from start to finish in the most cost-effective and efficient way.”

Kevin Dorse, Senior Attorney
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Powered by Amazon Web Services (AWS), DISCO mitigates risk by keeping data secure, confidential, and accessible 24 × 7. Compliant with industry-standard security certifications, such as SOC 2 and HIPAA, DISCO removes the need for you to pay to maintain data redundancy, recovery, and security controls.

“Previous tools did not allow us to securely share access to the data, nor complete productions independently. There is no doubt I would recommend DISCO to any colleague.”

Craig Hunter, Of Counsel
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DISCO provides integrated dashboards and real-time reporting for the entire ediscovery process from collection through production in a single interface

“DISCO’s approach to search, review, workflow, and metrics is excellent and incredibly simple to use.”

Colin Ward, Associate General Counsel
and Head of Litigation
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Twelve Days of Ediscovery with DISCO


At DISCO, every day is ediscovery day! Of course, we don’t expect that same level of obsession from everyone in the legal industry — when it’s in your DNA to transform the discovery experience and empower legal professionals to focus on the practice of the law, that’s all you focus on each and every single day of the year.

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