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When we set out to build a legal technology platform attorneys would love back in 2013, many people said it was impossible. Legal technology had been broken for so long that it was hard to imagine a future where software wasn’t a necessary evil but something that actually helped legal professionals excel at their jobs. Fast-forward to 2021, and DISCO customers are saying things like “every one of our team members loves the product” and “I can’t imagine any other way to do ediscovery.” We refer to this experience as “DISCO Magic,” which is the result of combining world-class software engineering with a deep love and respect for the law.

But to fully deliver on our vision of creating technology that makes legal professionals better at their jobs, it won’t be enough for our users to merely scratch the surface of what our software can do — they need to have the opportunity to be power users. So we’ve set out to create a new kind of DISCO Magic, one that combines a deep love and respect for the law with a world-class learning program.

We think we’ve done this with DISCO University and Certifications, which provide comprehensive education for all DISCO users, regardless of their role, that will help them make the most of DISCO’s technology and advance their legal careers.

DISCO University – Learning that delivers results and delights legal teams

DISCO University provides role-based, modern learning solutions to help legal professionals increase their DISCO platform proficiency and accelerate time to value. With content available for users of all experience levels, DISCO University is built around real-world situations, best practices, and proven review strategies so that teams can quickly learn and immediately apply new skills to their job responsibilities.

DISCO University enables you to scale teams with ease at the pace that your organization and the industry demands. Our state-of-the-art learning management system (LMS) and blended learning approach provide tailored instruction that meets the needs of individual users, regardless of their role or experience. With live classes, short videos, interactive modules, and role-based learning paths, DISCO University will reinforce existing skills while also helping to master cutting-edge workflows and concepts with content based on real-world needs.

DISCO Certifications – Celebrating next-gen ediscovery experts

Those striving to learn the future of legal technology should be recognized for being pioneers and have the badge to prove it. Users can now earn a DISCO Certification proving that they have demonstrated mastery of DISCO Ediscovery and expertly utilize industry best practices. Feeling at the top of your game? You can take the certification exams without taking the courses in DISCO University — although we will provide practice exams and content recommendations based on your individual needs.

We believe that a DISCO Certification will help legal professionals perform more successful reviews and ultimately advance and ignite their careers, opening new doors and distinguishing them as leaders of the ediscovery pack.

DISCO certification badges

We are excited to formally release these amazing resources to our clients and look forward to hearing from you about your experience with DISCO University and Certifications. To learn more about DISCO University and Certifications, download our datasheet or visit

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Meghan Marriott

Meghan Marriott is a product marketing manager at DISCO. She has over 10 years leading SaaS-focused marketing initiatives, driving sales, sales education, and customer success.