Introducing Cecilia Doc Summaries, Powered by Generative AI

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Introducing Cecilia Doc Summaries, Powered by Generative AI

DISCO is excited to roll out a new feature in our Cecilia generative AI solutions suite: Cecilia doc summaries.

If you’re familiar with DISCO, you’ve already seen how our AI solutions have radically reduced the time our customers spend on tedious tasks that require no legal expertise. (Think deposition summaries, automatic timeline generation, document review, and fact investigation.)

Now, the Cecilia doc summaries feature joins our award-winning ediscovery platform to speed your time to evidence and fast-track your understanding of your case. 

What is Cecilia doc summaries?

Let’s say you’re doing document review. It’s already slow going, made slower by long documents and foreign language documents that must be read or translated before you can tag them.

Or you’re a busy attorney trying to understand the facts of your case, and these long and/or foreign language documents slow you down – or cause you to miss critical information.

With Cecilia doc summaries, you can instantly get a concise summary of documents with a single click.

Cecilia doc summaries

What are the benefits of using generative AI for document summaries?

Faster time to evidence

With Cecilia doc summaries, you can quickly grasp the overarching themes of your document set, plus the parties, key provisions, and core subject matter of complex documents.

Quicker doc reviews, more accurate tagging

When, as a first-pass reviewer, you hit any long document (roughly 2 pages or more), you can use Cecilia doc summaries to jump right to the document’s key points to make tagging decisions more efficiently.

Plus, if you’re confirming those tagging decisions, you can efficiently check those tags against the document summary, rather than reviewing the entire doc yourself.

Insight into foreign language docs

Cecilia doc summaries has the ability to generate an English-language summary from common non-English languages. In addition to aiding your comprehension, the key points summary helps you quickly ascertain if the document is relevant enough to warrant full translation, or can just be marked unresponsive.

Cecilia Q&A foreign language summaries

Swift comprehension of “surprise” documents

Have a surprise document sprung on you at a hearing or deposition? Cecilia doc summaries gives you a quick digest, so you can understand the key points without breaking your stride.

Easier prep for your clients

When preparing a binder of hot docs for a partner or client, you can use Cecilia doc summaries to prepare digests for their benefit.

How does it work with Cecilia Q&A?

One thing that sets Cecilia doc summaries apart from other gen AI offerings in the legal tech market is that, as a DISCO user, you can combine the power of this tool with our enterprise Cecilia Q&A offering. 

What’s Cecilia Q&A?

Cecilia Q&A is your in-platform AI fact expert. This chat interface in DISCO Ediscovery can answer any factual question based on your case documents in minutes. Plus, it returns answers with sources cited and linked, helping you trust that the responses are reliable and hallucination-free.

Cecilia Q&A hot scoping docs

The power of Cecilia doc summaries + Cecilia Q&A

Ask Cecilia Q&A critical questions about your case and receive cited answers linked to the relevant documents. Then, use Cecilia doc summaries to summarize the key points in those documents, unlocking new levels of speed and efficiency.

When you can query your entire database using natural language questions to surface critical docs – then summarize those critical documents with a click – that’s what we consider Law Better.

Who can use Cecilia doc summaries?

Cecilia doc summaries is available to all DISCO Ediscovery users.

Why did we build generative AI-powered doc summaries? 

As our Chief Product Officer Kevin Smith noted, “Over a short period of time, DISCO has made tremendous strides in delivering market-ready generative AI solutions, and we continue to be laser-focused on building products that deliver tangible value to our customers. This is another example of how we are driving meaningful AI innovation in the space, and creating products that drive better outcomes for lawyers so they can shift their resources to higher-value work.”

Embrace the benefits of generative AI-powered legal tech with DISCO

With Cecilia doc summaries, the future of document review is just a click away. By integrating this powerful feature into your workflow, you can significantly reduce the time spent on document analysis while improving the accuracy of your findings. 

Join us at the forefront of legal technology innovation and see how Cecilia can enhance your legal practice. Request a demo.

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