2024 DISCO Certifications

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We’re thrilled to release this year's DISCO Certifications, one of the best programs to ensure to grow your ediscovery skills and invest in growing your career! 

DISCO University and Certifications is designed to help users be more successful at utilizing not only DISCO Ediscovery, but also Case Builder. We could not be more excited by the positive reception we’ve received about our programs and the sheer number of our customers who have earned one or more certifications. 

New DISCO certifications for 2024

To ensure that our users are always up to speed on the latest and greatest technology advances from DISCO as well as industry best practices, we’ll be releasing updated DISCO Certifications each year.

Our new DISCO Case Builder certification includes specialized product training on these key features:

One size does not fit all when it comes to instructional materials for working professionals, and learning should not feel monotonous. DISCO University and Certifications are tailored for specific roles, job functions, learning styles, and proficiency levels to ensure that all of our users can benefit from our program — not just system admins. 

We partnered with industry experts and the best ediscovery technologists in the business to ensure DISCO University and Certifications are built for legal professionals based on today’s challenges and use cases. 

With DISCO Certifications, you get:

Unique, verifiable expertise. With each DISCO Certification, you earn you receive a digital badge that verifies your accomplishments. These digital badges can be shared on LinkedIn and other social pages so you can not just make your colleagues feel ediscovery FOMO, but also shout from the rooftops that you’ve got next-generation expertise. 

Our digital badges also give you the option to add yourself to our talent marketplace, which is searchable to employers so they can easily find the cream of the ediscovery crop.

Tailored learning plans. We organize content in both role-based and task-based formats that satisfy the learning needs of new and existing users. Regardless of your proficiency, you have access to all of our content so you can become an expert in your current role and expand your expertise by learning new skills in other learning plans. 

Snackable, relevant content. We make it easy to find the resources that you need to do your job right now. Whether you’re looking for a refresher on ECA or search syntax or you’re looking to quickly expand your QC skill set, our variety of short-form content reinforces how working adults learn best. You’ll be able to apply these skills to your review efforts in five minutes or less.

Live classes and office hours. Everyone has a different learning style, so DISCO University offers a variety of content to not only meet those needs but keep our users engaged. We have a plethora of videos, interactive modules, live classes with industry experts, and office hours so you can get one-on-one time with DISCO Certified experts.

Recertify in a snap 

If you’re one of the many users who have already earned a DISCO Certification, congratulations! You’ll find that getting recertified is easy as can be. If you feel like you’re ready to take the exam, go for it! There are no required courses to take – simply pass the exam! 

Of course, if you feel like you need to brush up on your skills or missed any of our newer features, review our certification prep courses to ensure that you’re ready to pass our exam with flying colors.

Earn a 2024 DISCO Certification 

If you haven’t earned a DISCO Certification and you’ve made it this far, are you feeling a bit of FOMO? Fear not! There’s never been a better time to invest in your skills and earn a certification (or five). If you have any questions about DISCO University and Certifications, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at discouniversity@csdisco.com so we can help you level up.

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