Announcing Topic Clustering with Automatic Indexing to Speed Your Review or Investigation

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If you’re working on ediscovery, you’re always looking for ways to cut through document volumes and find key documents in a growing sea of collected data. Technology has advanced so keyword searching and linear review are no longer the best practices for getting to your key documents. With DISCO’s topic clustering with automatic indexing, which rolls out today, you can get a table of contents for all of your documents before even starting your review. 

The feature uses AI to identify and describe clusters of related documents in your document population. Here’s what it looks like in action:

Before you’ve looked at a single document, DISCO’s algorithm goes sentence-by-sentence through documents to identify clusters with related meanings. Our sophisticated engine does the work of creating topic clusters for you. Because a document can have more than one piece of evidence in it, we allow documents to be in more than one topic cluster.

Drill down into subtopics to explore AI-generated document clusters

Once we’ve identified clusters of related documents, topics are organized hierarchically: users can drill down into interesting-looking topics to find increasingly targeted subtopics. We describe topics using contextual phrases that are easy to skim and understand.

Combine topic clustering with other powerful tools

One of the best things about DISCO’s topic clustering is that it’s integrated with the rest of our intuitive platform. There’s no need to configure a third-party plugin or cross-index your data after creating clusters — it’s all already right in your search visualization pane. Topic clustering is integrated with the rest of DISCO’s search tools, so you can select topics from search visualization or from filters and combine them with any other searching mechanism. 

Use topic clustering for your document review or investigation

When you start a case or investigation, open up the topic list in search visualization to see what topic clusters DISCO AI has identified. When subtopics touch on significant legal issues of interest to you, consider adding those documents to your review population. For a more targeted approach, you can filter your selected topics by relevant date ranges, custodians, and even email domains — ensuring that only internal company emails involving key players from the critical time period are represented. 

Topic clustering is a new, AI-powered way to focus your search on key groups of documents. We think you’ll find it as easy to use as a table of contents in a book.

We’re enabling topic clustering with automatic indexing on new DISCO databases today. Want to see how topic clustering can speed your time to evidence? Schedule a demo to learn more. 

If you're already a DISCO user, get in touch with your DISCO representative or DISCO Desk if you have any questions about how to use this feature. 

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Anush Emelianova

Anush Emelianova is a product marketing manager at DISCO.  Before joining DISCO to further the cause of legal technology and AI adoption, she spent 10 years practicing litigation and counseling clients on data breach response and data privacy compliance.