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Big Law uses DISCO

(75 out of 200, not bad right)

DISCO is our preferred processing and review platform due to predictable pricing, advanced features, stability, ease of use and responsiveness.

— Jim Rosenthal

DISCO for Big Law

(built for complex cases)

Cutting-edge technology

Use cutting-edge technology, design, and legal knowledge to bring you the fastest speed, ease of use, and provide you and your clients with the best value in the industry. DISCO’s advanced AI workflow lets you automatically identify and front-load relevant documents early in your review.

"I switched to DISCO because it’s built by and for lawyers. Most e-discovery tools are built for vendors. If you've ever had to call a vendor to get new users added or new tags created, you know what I mean. Instead, DISCO allows me to easily search, find and produce documents. It’s everything discovery should be.”

Lou Dorny, Partner
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Comprehensive Services

We’ve assembled a staff of industry experts with both legal and ediscovery expertise to become a valuable extension of your team. From a single task to full outsourcing, DISCO offers unparalleled managed services, project management services, and data services.

"When it comes to managed review, they get the tool better than anyone else in the marketplace, streamlining the process to produce the most effective and efficient review possible."

— Jason Nittel, Lit Technology Manager
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Vetted and Trusted

Building a strong reputation — one AmLaw firm at a time — DISCO has serviced more big law firms than any other native cloud ediscovery offering. DISCO’s clients who switch from competing solutions see a 260% increase in user satisfaction rates

“DISCO allows me to easily produce documents and privilege logs whenever needed, at no additional cost. Furthermore, DISCO has been a great company to work with. There is no doubt I would recommend DISCO to any colleague.”

Craig Hunter, Of Counsel
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We knew it — you want to know more!

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Top 10 Reasons to Switch to DISCO

Let’s be honest: no one wants to be using old, outdated technology that slows down their document review. Remove the drudgery of ediscovery with DISCO’s easy-to-use technology that delivers faster, more accurate results.

DISCO turns 100?

DISCO is excited to roll out its 100th product release in just more than three years to all its customers. In a world where SaaS (software-as-a-service) delivery and cloud infrastructure have become indispensible, injecting domain expertise and the user's point-of-view into the product development process has become crucial in building a successful product.