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DISCO AI applies sophisticated, flexible advancements in both machine learning and cloud computing to solve the complex data analysis challenges presented in the practice of law.

Upgrade your ediscovery

(yeah … this is what the future feels like)

DISCO’s advanced AI gives precise predictions in a fraction of the time required for traditional review. As DISCO understands what is relevant to your review, it examines the document, taking into account the order, meaning of words, and sentence structure to arrive at intelligent insight as to whether the document is of substance to your review. Plus, DISCO AI is included at no additional charge.

Get tag predictions with a single click

Work the way you want to work. Instead of dictating your workflow, DISCO AI performs its calculations in the background, refining its predictions as more tags are applied. These tag predictions are visible in the search results screen and the document viewer, so you can always get the most relevant information. Tags are also scored on a -100 to 100 scale, to validate predicted confidence or uncover potential tagging errors.

DISCO AI tag predictions illustration
DISCO AI predictive technology illustration

Leverage AI models across matters

Imagine if you could take all the learnings from past matters and apply them to your new matters from the start. With DISCO’s cross-matter AI, you can. Cross-matter AI allows you to use your entire organization’s expertise to build high-accuracy AI models that are available to all of your teams as soon as they spin up a new case. These models become increasingly accurate as more and more teams contribute to them.

Speed through complex reviews

DISCO’s deep learning, convolutional neural network technology gives precise predictions in a fraction of the time required for traditional review. When running a structured review, DISCO AI can be combined with DISCO’s just-in-time batching to ensure that each new batch will have documents with the highest possible scores for the issue at hand amongst the remaining, unreviewed documents.

DISCO AI Just-In-Time Batching illustration

Deep learning DISCO AI

Curious to find out how DISCO works for your organization?

Speed up review times, improve accuracy with advanced AI, and secure your data while lowering costs with transparent predictable pricing.

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