DISCO Managed Review

For decades, managed review teams have been using modified versions of workflows designed for paper documents or antiquated review software. Using cutting-edge AI technology paired with AI-optimized workflows, DISCO’s managed reviews are 60% faster than the industry average.

Defining the new standard for managed review

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– Adam Massey, Partner

“Facing a tight deadline, DISCO was able to quickly assemble a team to assist us with an expedited discovery project. Thanks to the speed of the reviewers and the quality of their work, we met our deadline with time to spare and stayed under budget.”

DISCO team reviews 56% faster than the industry average for Adams and Reese LLP


DISCO AI continuously learns from reviewers’ tagging decisions and bubbles up the documents most likely to be relevant, enabling you to find all the documents you are looking for without reviewing the entire document population.

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DISCO Ai review

For a review with 100K documents & 10 reviewers

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7 days saved


DISCO reviewers are never limited by the speed of their technology.
Our reviewers average 88 docs/hr across more than 4 million documents. That’s 60% faster than the industry average of 55 docs/hr. 


Industry veterans and DISCO power users take maximum advantage of the DISCO platform to deliver fast, high quality reviews.