Trial Lawyers

At DISCO we understand that document review is not the same thing as discovery. As a trial lawyer, your pursuit of justice hinges on your ability to quickly uncover facts and build winning narratives. Defense counsel’s production is an incredibly valuable witness. DISCO helps you depose and interrogate that witness to rapidly find what others cannot — outcome-determinative evidence.

“DISCO’s speed and intuitive design coupled with artificial intelligence and search visualization are the type of sophisticated advantages we seek in our practice. These features combined with their expertise in complex plaintiff matters made DISCO the most cost-effective solution we evaluated.”

Zachary D. Caplan, Associate
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Find what matters

We understand that a few dozen documents are generally the difference between winning and losing. DISCO offers powerful features like visual analytics and search builder that make finding critical documents easy and intuitive. Our advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) augments your team’s collective intelligence without complicated and unnatural review workflows. DISCO guides you to find what matters rather than forcing you to review documents that have nothing to do with the case (i.e. randomly selected “seed sets”). DISCO helps you find the story within the documents so you can focus on the big picture.

“The ability to quickly and thoroughly review millions of documents to easily identify what’s of value to our clients was a critical factor in selecting DISCO…”

Jonathan D. Orent, Member

“DISCO understands the unique challenges faced by firms managing complex securities cases -- its technology is built to meet our needs.”

Lewis Kahn, Partner

Designed for lawyers, not vendors

Document review platforms are traditionally complicated, require the use of expensive third-party services, and reliant on additional software applications to be able to support the entire discovery process. DISCO is different; we enable law firms of all sizes and levels of technical expertise to handle administrative functions as well as manage an entire review from our intuitive self-service interface. We also do not require that firms use multiple pieces of software to support different stages of the discovery process which unnecessarily increase service costs and opportunities for errors.

Removes financial uncertainty

DISCO makes investing in your client’s recovery entirely predictable. DISCO offers a flat-rate pricing arrangement that eliminates the economic trauma and volatility commonly associated with modern discovery challenges. Unlike our competition, we never charge for expanded data volume, data processing, user licenses, analytics, artificial intelligence, audio/video transcription, etc. Our pricing model allows you to quickly know what the monthly bill will be at the outset of the case by simply multiplying the size of the defendant’s production that is being loaded into DISCO by your monthly per gigabyte rate. DISCO eliminates the uncertainty of up-front, a la carte, and hidden charges that typically balloon the cost of traditional ediscovery solutions.

“DISCO is an excellent ediscovery platform – its biggest advantage is its price certainty...”

Brian Clark, Attorney

“With DISCO we not only get great technology but also the professional services to find what we need in the defendant's production.”

Josh Wages, Shareholder

Expert consulting

Whether you have a single-event matter, are part of a larger team tackling a mass tort, or handle complex antitrust or securities class actions, our plaintiff-dedicated team of consultants provides guidance from the outset of the case to ensure you get what you need in a format that allows you to use DISCO’s amazing software to interrogate the adverse party’s production.  And if you ever need help supplementing your review team, our managed reviewers have delivered on average 23% increase in review throughput, 32% reduction in time spent on QC, and consistent, high-quality results.