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You and your team will love DISCO

Focus on winning the case, not figuring out technology. The DISCO Ediscovery platform is so intuitive that users can often start reviewing documents with little to no training (though we offer it for free). Plus, DISCO keeps the spinning wheel of death at bay by delivering the fastest performance in the industry: 1/10-second search results and 1/3-second document viewing.

Your clients will love DISCO

Differentiate your firm by showing immediate, tangible value to your clients — and look tech savvy while you’re doing it. DISCO’s powerful AI technology cuts QC time by 75%, which can result in a 15% overall cost savings. Add in improved legal outcomes from reduced time to evidence and predictable, inclusive pricing, and you’ve got happy clients.

Need more? DISCO has you covered.

Don’t want to hire a full time litigation support team or constantly be on the hunt for vendors? From forensic collection to project management to best practices consulting, DISCO gives boutiques on-demand access to the legal technology and professional services used by the best litigation boutiques — not to mention the largest law firms and corporations.

DISCO Managed Review

The power to take on any case

Need to scale your team for a large case on a tight deadline? Take advantage of our on-time, on-budget guarantee and flat-fee pricing to keep managed review easy and predictable. Advanced AI workflows enable the DISCO Managed Review team to complete your document review 55% faster than the industry standard, with improved accuracy to boot.

Learn more about DISCO Managed Review

What our lit boutique customers
are saying on TrustRadius

The staff at DISCO was available to help on an on-demand basis. I was impressed with them being able to speak the language of litigation versus the other vendors I sometimes deal with who have only an IT focus.

DISCO immediately ingested our data and was able to make it all searchable.

DISCO support has been great.

search speed and document viewing are stellar!

peace of mind, knowing it allows me to better service clients

DISCO works
Nov 13, 2019

The predictability of pricing makes the usually uncomfortable discussion about ediscovery costs with clients less onerous.

Using the AI function, we have been able to handle large document reviews with less staff than anticipated.

No matter what the question or problem, they have been there for me and helped me use DISCO to best support, my clients.

I can't imagine going through litigation without DISCO by my side.

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