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Due to the unprecedented weather event in Texas, responses may be delayed.
Due to the unprecedented weather event in Texas, responses may be delayed.

DISCO Corporate Social Responsibility

At DISCO, we believe to help is human. Our corporate social responsibility and social impact program, DISCO Cares, inspires compassion, service, and kindness in our communities.

DISCO Cares nurtures employee passions for charitable causes, invests in STEM education for the next generation in underserved communities, and supports local families in need.

“Giving back and helping others is ingrained in the DISCO DNA. We believe that every company regardless of size, financials, or industry should have a social responsibility focus, and we are going to serve as that example in the business community.”

Kent Radford

Co-founder of DISCO & Executive Sponsor of DISCO Cares

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“Without companies like DISCO being engaged in Black and Hispanic communities, it would be impossible to increase workforce development in the tech industry and expand digital equity across the state of Texas. Thank you DISCO Cares for being the example of an effective and impactful partnership.”

Jonathan Negretti
Michael Ward Jr., President & CEO
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“All year round, team members of DISCO support the Food Bank with time and donations. We are so grateful for your leadership in corporate engagement with nonprofits!”

Jonathan Negretti
— Tara Sinicropi, Community Engagement Specialist

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