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DISCO Case Builder

DISCO Case Builder is changing the way case teams leverage depositions by automating everything that’s low-value, redundant, and siloed about deposition review and trial preparation today and making high-value work easy — giving attorneys more time to develop case strategy and win.

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Upgrade your deposition management

(your binders’ worst nightmare)

Build a better story

DISCO Case Builder empowers your case team to build stronger, more compelling stories with the ability to review depositions with their complete context: automatically synchronized deposition videos, transcripts, exhibits, team notes, and issues and tag summaries from the entire team — all in one view. Collaborating on case strategy has never been this effortless.

Learn how: The Modern Lawyer’s Guide to Depositions

Focus on maximum-value work

DISCO Case Builder empowers your case team to focus on maximum-value work with robust searching across all depositions, witnesses, work product, and team communication in a single interface. Stop worrying if that sticky note you lost was important.

Spend less time formatting text: Ctrl + C Your Way to Ctrl + Victory

Improve witness selection

DISCO Case Builder empowers your firm to improve witness assessment and selection over time with a searchable repository of past learnings about witnesses’ performance and impact on your cases. Keep work product in your firm’s collective memory — and your expert witness agencies off speed dial.

White paper: Witness Assessment Programs: What They Are and Why Your Firm Needs One

Benefits of DISCO Case Builder

(just to name a few)

Easy search

Search across all of your depositions and work product in a single place.

Complete context

Review depositions alongside automatically synchronized video, transcripts, exhibits, issues, and case-impact summaries.

Automatic synchronization

Leverage deposition video from day one with DISCO’s automatic video synchronization to the transcripts.

Real-time collaboration

Collaborate with your case team in real time with highlighting, issue tagging, notes, annotations, and summaries — all in the same copy of a deposition.

Comprehensive witness assessment

Understand witness’ true case impact with comprehensive, searchable profiles, and build an expert witness repository for future cases.

Organized evidence

Prepare transcripts, excerpts, video clips, and work product for use in motions or at trial in seconds.

Core capabilities of DISCO Case Builder

(We're just getting started)

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Take control of your deposition review and build better case strategies for your clients.

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