Preserve Your Sanity and Your Data With DISCO Hold’s Collect for Slack

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With 750,000 organizations, 12 million daily active users, and more than 1 billion messages sent on the platform daily, it’s no surprise that Slack data poses a growing challenge for organizations when it comes to data preservation and collection. That’s why DISCO is delighted to introduce Collect for Slack, DISCO Hold’s newest feature that enables legal teams to seamlessly identify, collect, preview, and promote Slack legal hold data for review, including for litigation, investigations, and compliance. Where DISCO Hold empowers legal teams to preserve data, notify custodians, and track holds with a defensible audit trail, the addition of Collect for Slack enables defensible legal hold and defensible collections – all from that same interface.

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DISCO has released Collect for Slack at a critical time for enterprises, as collecting data from Slack and other collaboration platforms can be cumbersome and expensive, typically requiring the creation of duplicative copies of collected data in third-party archives, and with them, increased storage costs and compliance risk. For legal teams, it can be difficult to make sense of disjointed yet highly interconnected chats, let alone get that data out of the Slack platform in formats conducive to effective review. Furthermore, the ability of Slack users to edit or delete messages or files at any time only complicates IT's ability to maintain consistent information governance. 

Failure to properly preserve and collect from Slack has serious consequences, as the defendants in Red Wolf Energy Trading, LLC v. Jylkka, et al discovered in September 2022 when a judge issued the rarest and most severe sanctions for discovery mistakes: a default judgment in favor of the plaintiffs in part due to the failure to appropriately collect from and produce Slack messages.

DISCO Hold’s Collect for Slack is easy enough to be used by the legal team but robust enough to meet the expectations of enterprise IT professionals. It integrates with the Slack Legal Hold API and the Slack Discovery API to centralize the hold-collect-review workflow. Collect For Slack was designed to increase productivity and enhance preservation compliance by enabling defensible legal hold and defensible collections from a single interface, offering key benefits and letting teams accelerate, automate, and scale their legal hold and review processes. 

Interested in learning more about how DISCO Hold’s Collect for Slack can help your organization tackle the challenges of identifying, preserving, and collecting Slack data? Get a personalized demo from our team.

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Susan Stuehrk

Susan Stuehrk is the senior manager of product marketing at DISCO. She has over 10 years of experience driving sales and go-to-market strategy for SaaS and AI technology companies.