Time spent waiting for searches to run and documents to load is time wasted. DISCO delivers sub-second search and document navigation, making DISCO 10× faster than competing products. Regardless of data volume, user count, or complexity of query, DISCO’s performance is unmatched in the industry.

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Search at Light Speed

Say goodbye to the frustrations of waiting for your search results to be returned. DISCO delivers 1/10-second search results through next-generation cloud technology, meaning you can spend less time looking at a spinning wheel, and more time making legal judgments.

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DISCO document rendering

Sub-Second Document Rendering

Tired of waiting for documents to load? A recent study shows that the average reviewer wastes an average of 40 minutes per day (!) waiting for documents to render. DISCO removes this burden by offering 1/3-second document rendering, even on information-dense files such as spreadsheets. This is only possible thanks to DISCO’s next-generation cloud technology.

Unmatched Speed, Even at Scale

Large volumes of data can cripple on-premise ediscovery solutions, but not DISCO, thanks to Elastic, the technology that Facebook, LinkedIn, and thousands more trust to deliver instant search over petabytes of data. Elastic is able to maximize performance by automatically scaling and reorganizing itself based on the volume of data and the number of users, ensuring that DISCO searches — no matter how complex — remain almost instant.

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