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Law + Engineering

What is DISCO?

DISCO is the company that unites world-class engineering with a deep love and respect for the law. Our software engineers apply cutting edge database, search, and neural-network-powered machine-learning technology to help you find evidence faster and win more cases. Our deep legal bench ensures that our products and services speak your language and solve your problems.

We believe the future of the law is great lawyers empowered by great technology. Our mission is providing that technology and helping you use it to deliver exceptional legal results.

DISCO for ediscovery

Lawyers and litigation support professionals expect discovery technology to make their life easier. But many have been disappointed with the reality of slow, complex systems that are expensive to manage and maintain.

DISCO discovery software as a service changes all that by delivering anytime, anywhere online review, search, and production capabilities that set a new industry benchmark for ease of use, performance and value.

DISCO search window


  • Search Speed

    Search Speed

    Find documents in the blink of an eye with one tenth of a second search speed. DISCO is built on the latest high-performing cloud technologies.

  • Document Navigation

    Document Navigation

    Open documents for review in one third of a second regardless of type or size. DISCO renders even the most complex documents instantly.

  • Simple Interface

    Simple Interface

    Conduct review without hours of training through a lawyer-focused interface. DISCO works on any modern browser and platform with no plugins needed.

  • Review Workflow

    Review Workflow

    Design any review workflow and track progress with the click of a button. DISCO makes workflow design easy even for the largest of matters and review teams.

  • Quality Control

    Quality Control

    Gain clarity on review accuracy and easily discover patterns in errors. DISCO automates and visualizes statistical sampling for rapid quality control checks.

  • Self Service

    Self Service

    Manage your case from start to finish without needing a third-party vendor. DISCO makes the task of setup, ongoing case management and productions easy.

The Benefits of DISCO

We understand that conducting discovery is a time-consuming piece of the litigation process. While there are many tools designed to help, all too often they focus exclusively on a single task or step, leaving you to fill in the blanks with additional tools.

A complete solution should deliver much more functionality than just document review. DISCO is designed to simplify and automate the discovery process, enabling lawyers to keep doing what they do best — practice law.

Designed by lawyers for lawyers

Every feature in DISCO is designed to be implicitly intuitive to lawyers

Self-service when you want it

DISCO removes the need for a 3rd party to create your productions, you can do yourself

Simple, transparent pricing

DISCO removes the large upfront fees for processing, production and more

In many law firms, litigation support performs the thankless task of shepherding terabytes of data from client to final production. This behind-the-scenes process is often made more complicated by technologically inexperienced attorneys and staff.

DISCO recognizes the unique challenges that are heaped upon litigation support during complex matters and has features that make these tasks a little easier (allowing you to at least take the occasional Saturday off).

Single platform for everything

DISCO has you covered from ingestion to production, no 3rd party tools required

Powerful review workflow options

DISCO puts workflow creation, organization and analysis just a click away

Adaptive interface for discovery

DISCO's role based interface ensure the right capabilities are in the right hands

When you find your company in active litigation the cost of discovery can be overwhelming. Typically, vendors price their services with large, upfront charges just for loading your data into the review system. This plus many other obscure charges can force a suboptimal case strategy

DISCO changes this with simple transactional or subscription based pricing. Gone are the charges for things that the right technology can automate like processing, ingestion, predictive coding and even production.

Simple, transparent pricing

DISCO removes the large upfront fees for processing and production

Unmatched ease of use

DISCO's interface is so intuitive that you need zero training, it just makes sense

Visual review analysis

DISCO delivers a dashboard to see key metrics around review pace, accuracy and findings


Getting Started with DISCO

  • 1. Send us your data

    Send us collected case data in native format or productions received from opposing counsel by hard drive or secure FTP.

  • 2. We automate all processing

    DISCO automatically processes file unpacking, deNISTing, text and metadata extraction, imaging all documents, and more.

  • 3. Start your search and review

    Access DISCO on any web browser to perform searches and reviews and produce results in all formats right from your desk.


  • Standard Support

  • We help get every matter up and ready for review, provide guidance through a variety of resources to meet different users’ needs. We remain on hand throughout the life of the matter to answer questions as you work against those tight deadlines.

    • 24 × 7 × 365 support (email)
    • Ongoing tips and tricks
    • 8am–7pm live support (phone and chat)
    • Loading, removing, and culling data
    • Knowledge bank
    • Matter creation and termination
    • Video tutorials
    • Deep dive webinars

  • Premium Services

  • We provide consultation on challenging datasets, give you hands-on assistance in preparing your matter for review, and act as an extension of your team. We can even provide cross-matter consultation to ensure practices flow from case to case.

    • 7pm–12am live support (phone and chat)
    • Workflow design, reporting & metrics
    • Custom training and best practices
    • Searches and search term analysis
    • Load file remediation
    • Running productions
    • User & tag creation
    • Project management

  • Professional Services

  • If you’re looking for a partner to engage more deeply with you on processes outside of standard review, like collection and review or preparation of evidence, we can help! Professional Services are available for the items below and more.

    • Forensic data collection
    • Scan, copy, print
    • Scheduling-conference consultation
    • Document review
    • Assistance with discovery disputes
    • Printing and trial graphics
    • Data backup recovery
    • Document language translation