Upgrade your ediscovery with DISCO AI

DISCO AI applies sophisticated, flexible advancements in both machine learning and cloud computing to solve the complex data analysis challenges presented in the practice of law.

Get tag predictions with no setup

Work the way you want to work. Instead of dictating your workflow, DISCO AI performs its calculations in the background, refining its predictions as more tags are applied. These tag predictions are visible in the search results screen and the document viewer, so you can always get the most relevant information. Tags are also scored on a -100 to 100 scale, to validate predicted confidence or uncover potential tagging errors.

DISCO AI tag predictions in the document viewer
DISCO AI tag predictions search results

Democratize predictive technology

Take advantage of tag predictions for any matter. DISCO AI is extremely accurate not just for responsive reviews, but adaptable for use on constantly changing reviews like compliance or anticorruption investigations. Plus, it’s included at no additional charge, so it’s always available for your largest cases all the way down to your smallest matters.

Speed through complex reviews

DISCO’s deep learning, convolutional neural network technology gives precise predictions in a fraction of the time required for traditional review. When running a structured review, DISCO AI can be combined with DISCO’s Just-In-Time Batching to ensure that each new batch will have documents with the highest possible scores for the issue at hand amongst the remaining, unreviewed documents.

DISCO AI sorting batches by tag predictions

Next-generation AI combined with next-generation ediscovery

DISCO AI brings artificial intelligence to the task of finding evidence through a technique known as Deep Learning, which chains together multiple machine learning models to create a modular and powerful artificial intelligence system. Layer on the ability to compute across thousands of gigabytes with sub-second speed, thanks to GPUs and DISCO’s massively scalable architecture; AI can now provide powerful solutions to problems in the real world.

DISCO AI convolutional neural network

Deep learning AI is changing the landscape of innovation in technology. Targeted at the legal vertical, where massive data review presents real challenges to the proportionality of litigation, AI has the ability to transform the landscape, allowing every lawyer to benefit instead of an elite few.

Furthermore, DISCO AI is truly the first to bring flexible deep learning to the legal tech industry. Conventional approaches to technology assisted review have been unsuccessful due to the use of old technology stacks, unintuitive user experiences, and rigid workflows. Instead, DISCO, a native cloud technology, has the advantage of adaptability, allowing lawyers to immediately and easily adjust their review strategy as the concept of relevance matures during the review.

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Tag Predictions: How DISCO AI is Bringing Deep Learning to Legal Technology, a DISCO White Paper

Learn the secrets of DISCO AI

See how DISCO AI can speed up your review for every case with our new white paper. It includes extensive research to explain why DISCO AI is the future of legal technology and a guide for enabling DISCO AI to get the most out of your own document review.