Top 10 Reasons to Switch to DISCO

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“After testing a number of options, we chose DISCO as our preferred processing and review platform due to predictable pricing, advanced features, stability and ease of use for our end users.”

Jim Rosenthal, director of litigation support from manatt
Jim Rosenthal,
Director of Litigation Support
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“DISCO tops the list for its ease of use, speed, and robust capabilities. I’m now spoiled and find other competing databases painful. Databases don’t have to be complicated!”

Jule Roberston, Paralegal from Winstead
Jule Robertson, Paralegal

“I’ve used DISCO to manage discovery in matters ranging from a few hundred documents to many millions—I like to say the interface is so easy ‘even a partner can use it.’  Great product, great service, and great pricing.”

Erika Warren, Associate from Warren Lex LLP
Erika Warren, Attorney

1. Designed for legal professionals

DISCO’s design philosophy is driven by a profound respect for the practice of law. This is demonstrated in weekly Law Review meetings, where features under development are reviewed by a room of seasoned legal professionals. There is also discussion of ideas for new features from our growing list of over 400 current customers. Features are analyzed and critiqued throughout each iteration of the development process to assure that every feature works intuitively. The end result creates a powerful, yet easy-to-use experience.

2. Built for speed

DISCO is not only faster off the line than legacy systems, it lets you run laps around your adversaries. A white paper from Seventh Samurai reported that review teams using DISCO were able to review an average of 23% more documents per day than the same team using the leading competing system. DISCO gives case teams such a big advantage due to 1/10-second search speed, ⅓-second document viewing, and unified document loading, eliminating delays that come from clicking between pages. All three attributes were shown to remain consistent, regardless of the size of the matter.

3. State-of-the-art artificial intelligence

DISCO AI surpasses industry standards in machine analysis by harnessing deep learning for artificial neural networks. This, all powered by cloud-based architecture, provides comprehensive solutions for today’s legal pain points. Another distinct advantage of DISCO AI is our asynchronous learning process that complements your normal practice and workflow. As review begins, DISCO observes your decisions and develops intelligence based on your actions. When the system has relevant learning to share, it presents recommendations to you in real-time. This parallel process allows your review to remain unhindered, eliminating the need for seed sets and complex workflows.

4. World-class security

DISCO infrastructure boasts best-in-class Amazon Web Services and a virtual private cloud protected by firewall systems, data encryption, and the latest SSL functionality. Rigorous processes around data redundancy and zone aware servers mean, functionally, DISCO does not have down time. Furthermore, strict monitoring of data centers, disk storage, and network bandwidth ensure that service delivery match SLAs. Role-based security, two-factor authentication, and a robust system development lifecycle managed by a world-class engineering team all ensure optimal protection for your data.

5. ECA visualization

DISCO search visualization is ready out-of-the-box, as soon as documents are loaded. Critical data analysis first-steps, like confirming proper document collection and organizing the review workflow, can begin immediately. Furthermore, you can quickly visualize the breakdown of your document set across all key metadata fields. No need to have a deep understanding of search syntax or knowledge of the exact search criteria. Instead, get answers to critical questions such as “Which custodians produced the most documents?” or “How many Excel files are in my data set?” with a single click.

6. Multi-layer review tools

DISCO’s suite of cutting-edge tools assist in providing early case assessment, multi-layer case organization, and detailed analytics. Visual search allows you to visually interact with your entire document set. Workflow provides the tools for large scale case teams. A variety of metrics let you gain insights about the people, pace, and findings of your review. Powerful quality control sampling and searchable audit box features enable you to easily understand and address erroneous tag decisions. With secure and powerful infrastructure at any scale, an enjoyable user experience, a robust tool suite, and a full service team with deep domain expertise, DISCO enables a defensible review for the most complex of cases.

7. Just in time QC

As ediscovery veterans know, review rarely stops with the first pass review. There is often more than one round, and nearly always some form of QC work at the end. With typical ediscovery tagging overturn rates and modest QC sampling sizes (the low end of the recommended 5-10% rate), we have found that DISCO’s just-in-time QC saves an average of 32% of QC time on multi-week reviews. Just-in-time QC also allows you to run the QC largely in parallel to the review, instead of tacking the QC time on at the end. For 1,000,000 document reviews, our analysis and feedback showed that running QC parallel to the review could trim over a week from the review timeline, even for large QC teams. For the biggest reviews that we analyzed (5,000,000+ documents), just-in-time QC could potentially cut several weeks of time needed to complete the review.

8. Unlimited, viewable productions

DISCO productions are effective and easy to use. As one client put it, "One of the most valuable aspects in DISCO is the control I have over the product. I can create custom productions and export data in the format I need, on my own. I do not need to involve any third party or incur extra fees" (Kathy Hedrick, Paralegal for Hillis Clark Martin & Peterson P.S.). Not only can you customize each production to suit your needs, you can also see each produced version of that document in the DISCO document viewer. It gets even better: All productions in DISCO are unlimited.

9. Fair, transparent pricing

The cost of ediscovery can be deceiving. Hidden fees are tucked into almost all aspects of the business, including charges for ingestion, processing, data expansion, user licenses, hosting fees, analytic add-ons, and production. DISCO’s pricing model is different because it is based on the top-level, parent file data size. Many vendors charge for data expansion and processing, expanding your data 2 to 2.5 times its original size. Many also charge for hosting produced data, meaning that a production of 20 GB will increase your chargeable data size by 20 GB. By removing these fees, 50 GB of emails will remain 50 GB of emails on your DISCO invoice, regardless of data expansion, processing, or production size. Altogether, we pass on these cost advantages to our customers by providing equitable, predictable pricing for every matter.

10. DISCO ecosystem

DISCO is a company of legal innovators — we’ve been in your shoes and we’re here for you. Born out of a law firm due to frustration with conventional ediscovery tools, DISCO has become the fastest-growing company in ediscovery and has been embraced by more than 400 law firms, including 70 of the Am Law 200, as their first choice for innovative technologies. We remain close to our roots and continue to listen to client feedback by allocating a quarter every calendar year to developing feature enhancements requested by customers. We find that customers who are in the product every day have invaluable ideas on how to improve DISCO’s efficiency and ease-of-use.

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