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In these unprecedented times, we wanted to let you know that we are here to help you and your team, any way we can. DISCO was built for collaboration in a single web-based platform regardless of where your team members are physically located and our remote managed review and managed services can bridge any gaps brought on by this crisis. Whatever your team needs, DISCO has you covered.

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Ediscovery, uninterrupted

Legal teams can access their DISCO Ediscovery database from anywhere at any time, using any computer and internet connection, without compromising speed or functionality. The world-class security and stability DISCO provides when accessed from an office remains the same when accessed remotely. Access is strictly controlled and monitored. No need for dedicated machines, physical access, or VPNs.

Getting your data into review despite city shutdowns

With orders of shelter in place and statewide lockdowns, onsite collections and sending encrypted hard drives of client data via snail mail is no longer tenable. DISCO’s high-speed uploader enables secure collection of data from local machines and network drives with rapid upload for ediscovery review. This helps you meet your discovery commitments without running afoul of quarantine mandates or exposing your employees to undue risk.

Offices are closed, document review continues

Document review centers and law offices alike have been shuttered as “non-essential” businesses that may pose undue risk to employees as a result of COVID-19, yet timely ediscovery review remains critical for many in-flight lawsuits. DISCO’s remote managed review and professional services teams can provide the additional resources your team needs when reviewers, attorneys, or vendors may not be available.

Taking collaborative deposition review virtual

Reviewing paper copies of deposition transcripts and sharing them with the rest of your team is likely even more of a pain right now. Our cloud-based collaborative deposition review platform, DISCO Case Builder enables you to review transcripts, share your notes with your case team, and view automatically synchronized deposition videos, in one cloud-based platform, available anywhere.

Feeling lonely due to social distancing? Join Chief Innovation Officer Cat Casey and guests across our industry for “5 o’clock somewhere,” a weekly virtual happy hour where legal friends connect and commiserate.

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