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Who we are

DISCO is a legal tech software company. Our objective is to own the legal tech market and become the leader in legal as Salesforce has done in the sales technology space. Given the massive growth of data over the last 20 years, poorly built legal technology products have severely decreased lawyers ability to practice the law.

Our fundamental mission includes building a unified technology platform for the practice of law, composed of 7+ products released over the next 10 years. Great technology can solve problems of scale in data, in laws, and in business operations that have distracted lawyers from doing what they went to law school to do. DISCO is fixing the law by automating the parts of the practice that can be automated so that great lawyers can focus on tasks that really do require human legal judgment.

To date, we have substantially disrupted the legal tech market with a lawyer inspired consumer-grade interface and a cloud-enabled technology platform that offers unprecedented performance and cost savings. Thoughtful product planning and product design are core tenants in our “product first” business strategy and culture.

We intend to build a multi-billion dollar business and think you should come along for the ride because:

  1. DISCO is a very successful company more than doubling revenue every year for the last 5 years. We were the first movers to a cloud-based platform that has caused mass disruption within our market.
  2. Our CEO is a true market visionary. He graduated with a computer science degree at the age of 15 and followed with a JD from Harvard Law School at the age of 19. His unparalleled insights into the fundamental issues in legal and the potential of technology and artificial intelligence to change our market at its core provide the guiding light for DISCO’s long-term strategy.
  3. We believe that product delivery professionals including product managers, product designers and engineers differ from one another by at least a factor of 10. At DISCO, we only hire the top 1%, pay them well, and with equity, everyone has effectively been getting a raise each and every day. Given our product first mindset, product professionals are very much stars of the show. Our logo, the circle and square, represents the best lawyers and the best product professionals in the world.
  4. We measure product delivery velocity by dollars of revenue per line of code, vs simply lines of code. This drives a very thoughtful and deliberate product design and development process that ensures we’re going to make money when we ship products. We hire many more product managers and designers per engineer than most companies to ensure that our engineers have a disambiguated product intent when they are building.
  5. As a rule, we don’t commit to external product delivery dates as we believe that unnecessarily constrains our creativity from both a product and technology point of view.
  6. At DISCO we only hire very good humans that we would entrust with our children. Don’t worry we won’t actually drop our kids off at your place, but we need to know that they’d be in good hands if we did. Respect isn’t earned at DISCO it is assumed. Good humans inherently treat everyone respectfully. This is a very important concept at DISCO.
  7. Given the talent level at DISCO (only top 1%), the cutting-edge cloud-based technology stack, and thoughtful and novel product and design approach, you’ll find yourself learning at a rate you’ve not likely experienced in your career. Given that we only hire professionals that are passionate about their craft, you’ll truly enjoy building a great software product and get in the best “career shape” of your life.
  8. Over the next 4 years, we’ll be growing our product delivery organization from 85 professional to 500+. There will be incredible growth opportunities along the way.
  9. We use the “2 Pizza Team” organization design where small autonomous teams own a piece of a product or platform and ship software at rates comparable to a very lean and scrappy startup. We achieve consistency across these teams in the areas of design, product-wide use cases and technical concerns through a strategically focused set of overlay functions.
  10. Finally, while we’re an incredibly fast growing organization, as a rule, we do not work crazy long hours. We believe in continuous product delivery, continuous product planning and design, continuous regular sleep schedules, continuous regular vacation, and continuous fun if you’re passionate about your craft.

If you want to win while getting better than you’ve ever been, come to DISCO.

The Senior Product Manager position is important because

As a Senior Product Manager, you will know your product better than anybody.  You will organize and manage all of the feature requests related to your area and represent them as a member of the DISCO Product Steering Committee.  

Just as importantly, you will work intimately with DISCO’s customers and brilliant designers to develop the most magical, consumer-grade product that the legal technology market has ever seen. You will transform user problems into specific user stories so that engineers can unambiguously build the perfect product to support our notion that every line of code will generate new revenue.

Day in the life of our Senior Product Manager:

  • Will lead a “two-pizza team” of engineers and designers, executing on the delivery of crucial features.
  • Will talk to customers, attend your “two-pizza team” stand-up, train internal teams, give demos of your product, to name a few things you might have on your schedule.
  • As a member of the Product Steering Committee, you will own a product backlog and align with executives on roadmap planning and prioritization.
  • Will iterate on designs with lawyers (clients) and UX designers until you’ve arrived at a magical solution that customers will pay money for.  Dates do not drive our delivery schedule; achieving valuable, beautiful software informs when we are finished.
  • Will write clear and concise user stories and acceptance criteria, perform UATs, determine scope of feature sets, and coordinate build schedules with engineering teams.
  • Will own the successful rollout of new products and key features, including gathering feedback from early customers to validate the value of new releases.
  • Might work on a visual search language.
  • Might work on a drillable AI-produced topic clusters and search suggestion engines.
  • Might work on a visualized human communication network computed by AI.
  • Might Synthesizing and simplifying complex workflows, often involving hundreds of lawyers collaborating on the millions of documents.
  • Might deliver enterprise-wide analytics that inform legal strategies and ongoing data management policies.

Successful Senior Product Manager candidates:

  • Must be naturally curious and committed to understanding user problems in the deep and interesting legal domain.
  • By the way, you do not need to have any legal domain experience -- we have plenty of subject matter experts on staff that work closely with our product team.
  • Must have deep experience conceiving, building, and shipping successful software products and features in an “agile-ish” development organization.
  • Should have the ability to think big and small. You are comfortable discussing strategy and long term vision with executives, but also able to dive into the details designing a particular interaction.
  • Must have strong written and verbal communication at every level - to users, within the company, within your team.
  • Should diagram user-to-object interaction models in order to understand user workflow and prioritize pain points.
  • Must exhibit strong project management and organizational skills.
  • Might have used tools like JIRA and Confluence to document requirements and track dependencies.
  • Might have a background in engineering. Or journalism. Or sales. We’ve seen great Product Managers from varying backgrounds that know how to build great software.