The Story of Fetch: DISCO’s Official, Unofficial Mascot

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Eagle-eyed DISCO power users may have noticed evidence of a canine companion popping up throughout DISCO applications. These Easter eggs are our subtle nod to Kiwi, our husky-loving founder. However, it soon became apparent that the husky needed an identity of his own. As such, we held a company-wide contest at our 2020 Kickoff to come up with the husky’s story. This is the result.

Hi there! I’m Fetch, DISCO’s Chief Barketing Officer. You may have spotted me in the DISCO interface, at DISCO events, and even on DISCO T-shirts — as one of DISCO’s original employees, I get my paws into everything around here! 

I come from a long pedigree of legal beagles — in fact, Ruff Bader Ginsbark is a close family friend. I feel so lucky that DISCO CEO Kiwi Camara adopted me (from a no-cull shelter) so we could share our love of the noble practice of law. 

Under Kiwi’s tutelage, I was accepted to Harvard Paw School, where I learned all about fascinating areas like animal law and mass borks. I didn’t just keep my nose in the books though — I did some great pro-bone work, was on the frisbee golf team, and always made time for long walks with friends.

However, after I graduated Harvard, Kiwi and I saw that the real world wasn’t anything like paw school. Legal professionals were drowning in data and stuck performing repetitive tasks. Luckily, with my training and speed (sub-second dog park navigation!), we created DISCO to dig into evidence faster, even in matters with pet-a-bytes of data — you’ll find no leashes on performance here! DISCO makes sure legal practitioners could focus on higher-value work, while fighting one of my pet peeves: burying evidence. 

As DISCO has grown from a start-pup to the top dog, Kiwi and I tend to spend more time together at the office than playing fetch. However, we still make it a point to spend quality time exploring Austin, including regular visits to our favorite spot: Franklin Bark-becue.

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Erin Russell

Erin Russell is the senior communications manager at DISCO. She has extensive experience covering tech and AI as a journalist and editor, and her bylines include Texas Monthly, Eater, and Austin Business Journal.