DISCO Careers: My Sales Onboarding Experience

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I have always been fascinated with human behavior and the way people interact, so I studied psychology and business at Texas State. My competitive drive and passion for building relationships led me to account management and sales. 

I started my career in inside sales as a business development representative in software and 3D printing, where I gained experience working with a variety of industries from consumer goods to medical devices, and companies from start-ups to Fortune 500 giants. However, I was ready for a new chapter and wanted to work for a company that could provide career growth and a healthy work culture. My friend, Jason Berryhill, approached me about an opportunity at DISCO on the AE team. Once I did more research on DISCO and started the interviewing process, I knew I wanted to be a part of the team because of how rapidly DISCO is growing. 

My interview process with DISCO was organized and informative. There were four phases of the interview process within a four week period. First, I interviewed with a DISCO recruiter who asked me about my background, gave me more details about the role, and answered my questions. Next I had an interview with a regional sales manager followed by me presenting a 30-minute pitch on DISCO’s Ediscovery platform. Right after the presentation, I had a panel interview with a regional sales director and inside sales manager. I was somewhat intimidated by the pitch, but I had an encouraging recruiter who helped set me up for success with the pitch. Throughout the process, I was kept informed of the exact interview schedule and what types of questions to expect. This enabled me to properly prepare and feel confident for my interviews.

DISCO’s account executive onboarding program is robust and thorough. The program is designed to give a new candidate a holistic understanding of the company, the product and services, and the resources available to you for continuous learning and growth. Throughout the onboarding process, I worked toward my Field Readiness certification, the official DISCO certification for an inside sales account executive. 

My one-on-one sessions with my sales coach have helped me understand how to navigate productive conversations with lawyers. Although I don’t have a background in the legal industry, my coach helped me understand a lawyer’s day-to-day workflow and the challenges they face, and how to approach lawyers with the right questions to learn how to effectively solve their problems.

As many conversations as I have about DISCO, nothing beats how excited people get when I show them the platform.

Our sales leaders have taught me how to navigate through the software to prove how user-friendly and speedy our platform is compared to other platforms — and how that will make a difference in their bottom line.

In addition to a deeper understanding of DISCO Ediscovery, DISCO University has helped me grasp how our AI makes us the industry leader. 

DISCO University offers programs, courses, videos, articles, certifications, and even live classes. The topics range from our products and the legal industry to professional development, leadership, and public speaking to technology, cybersecurity, and AI. DISCO University is more enjoyable than other training programs that I have worked with in the past because it is not cheesy or outdated, and even has occasional comedic relief in just the right moments of long training hours. 

On the internal onboarding front, DISCO makes sure you get an overview and personal introduction to all departments and teams you’ll be working with such as marketing, sales support, solutions architects and even our international team. I have met so many people in different departments that have made me feel supported. My inside sales manager has gone out of his way to work with me at a training pace I feel comfortable with, while simultaneously making sure I am staying on track in my onboarding process. My sales trainer is always available to answer any questions/concerns and consistently runs “health checks” to make sure we feel up to speed and not too overwhelmed. My teammates genuinely care about their trainees’ happiness and progress during the onboarding experience at DISCO.

Overall, I would describe DISCO’s culture as fun, rewarding, and progressive. Training for any new job can feel a little overwhelming at times but the people you work with day in and day out make it worthwhile. The energy at DISCO is better than anything I have ever experienced, and it’s exciting to be surrounded by such positive, forward-thinking individuals. 

Now is a very exciting time to be at DISCO as we continue to head towards a revolution in legal tech. DISCO’s products, services, and quality people make for a truly unique combination and I couldn’t be more excited to be a part of it. 

Interested in a career at DISCO? Apply to join the DISCO AE team.

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Jenna Garnett

Jenna Garnett is an inside sales account executive at DISCO. She is passionate about understanding clients' needs and finding the best fit solution to make their lives easier. Her competitive nature and ability to build relationships has allowed her to have a successful career in sales.