DISCO Expands Conversation Threading and Inclusive Capabilities for Email Images

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Advanced Email Threading and Inclusive Identification from Images of Emails

One of the major challenges faced in document review has always been understanding important relationships between documents. Imaged documents have always presented a unique challenge for lawyers – remember the good old days of databases comprised only of images requiring objective coding to make the database useful?  

With the advent of native document review in tools like DISCO, the ability to use text analysis and metadata to intelligently discover similar and related documents have made lawyers’ jobs much easier.

When working with native emails, DISCO’s heuristic evaluates the email’s text and accompanying metadata to thread together emails from the same conversation during processing. This allows attorneys to review a whole conversation, note missing portions, and make more informed decisions about their documents. Once conversations are grouped together, DISCO then analyzes the entire thread to identify which emails are inclusive, meaning they contain unique content not found within other emails in the conversation.

The ability to identify and review inclusive emails means attorneys eliminate documents that contain duplicative content, save on review time, and ultimately reduce costs. However, email images, such as produced images of emails with Bates stamps, which still require manually linking them to related emails within a database, remain an expensive and time-consuming process. DISCO solves this problem with its advanced email threading and inclusive identification technology for email images.

Working with Images of Emails in DISCO

Until recently, working with email images has been inefficient in ediscovery due to the inability to extract metadata, create conversation threads, and identify inclusive emails.  As of February 2018, DISCO’s advanced processing engine detects email communications by reviewing every image uploaded and:

  • Identifying, extracting, and indexing email metadata
  • Creating conversation threads
  • Identifying inclusive emails

DISCO intelligently finds, extracts, and populates email metadata fields (such as to, from, cc, bcc, subject, and sent time) to significantly improve conversation threading results. DISCO is able to use this extracted metadata to help fill any gaps that may exist in the loadfile.

Attorneys can now benefit from being able to view whole conversations and make more informed decisions about their documents regardless of file type, as well as identify and review inclusive emails, eliminating the need to review duplicative content saving on review time. Furthermore, DISCO will intersperse emails from images with any existing threads within the database.

‍DISCO conversation browser with inclusive email identification

The ability to create conversation threads and identify inclusive emails from both native and email images enriches the overall user search experience by compensating for data gaps and improving review batch accuracy when using conversation and inclusive options for creation and assignment.

DISCO Automated Processing for Emails

DISCO includes unlimited processing, at no charge, for all ingested documents allowing for better project planning, budgeting, and cost control. Email conversation threading and inclusive detection come standard as part of DISCO’s automated 14-step processing workflow.

For information about DISCO’s conversation threading, Inclusive email identification, and automated 14-step processing workflow, schedule a demo.

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Keith Schrodt