Visual Search

DISCO’s visual search tools enable reviewers to interactively visualize their entire document set, no matter how large, with zero setup. From email timelines to breakdowns of custodians and document types, you can point-and-click to explore and understand your data, instantly and intuitively.

DISCO visual search video

Explore Immediately, with Zero Setup

DISCO Search Visualization is ready out-of-the-box, as soon as documents are loaded. No need to waste time configuring settings, choosing search engines, or waiting for analytics to be processed. Critical data analysis first-steps, like confirming proper document collection and organizing the review workflow, can begin immediately.

DISCO search visualization screenshot
DISCO search visualization document timeline

Search Made Even Simpler

A common problem in document review (particularly at the beginning of a case) is crafting searches before fully understanding the entire available universe of document data. DISCO Search Filters solve this problem by allowing users to visually browse every piece of available metadata, and then quickly narrow the search results by selecting particular pieces.

Investigate, Share, Repeat

As exploration continues and valuable insights are found, users can promote their current selections to the search bar, where they becomes part of your search, and search history. From this point forward the results of your investigation can be saved and shared with others, used to feed review stages in workflow or power QC, instantly.

DISCO search filters screenshot

Schedule a Demo

To see DISCO Visual Search in action, contact us for a live demo from one of our software experts.

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