DISCO for State & Local Government

DISCO is an all-in-one ediscovery and records management solution that empowers you to cost-effectively and efficiently deal with your most complex challenges. Offering easy-to-use, fast, and reliable technology at a transparent and predictable price, freeing yourself to tackle the most demanding challenges with increased efficiency.

DISCO for state & local government

Simplify your work

Powered by the most advanced cloud platform and infrastructure available, DISCO remains easy-to-use at any scale. Load data into DISCO with a simple drag-and-drop process that automates document processing and allow you to search, review, and export documents within minutes.

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Reduce risk

DISCO’s native-cloud technology keeps your data secure, confidential, and accessible. Whether at rest or in motion, your data is encrypted to guarantee confidentiality and privacy. DISCO offers robust security that allows you to control who accesses your data at the case, folder and document level.

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Get the most for your money

With DISCO, you get cutting-edge technology and expert services at a predictable price.  Flat-rate per gig monthly billing based on the volume of data being reviewed — rather than on hidden processing and production fees — significantly reduces costs.

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Take a deep dive into DISCO security to see how we protect your data. 

Customer stories

DISCO's discovery software simply makes life easier. Using DISCO’s self service tools, we can drag-and-drop documents into the system, quickly search, review, and respond rapidly to discovery requests.

— Angie Alcorn, Multnomah County Attorney's Office

Large-scale document review

  • Construction defect
  • 24 TB
  • 90+ product users

A sizable metro transit authority needed to ingest and review over 24 terabytes of data arising from a major highway construction project. Leveraging DISCO’s Managed Review services and sub-second document review tools, a team was assembled to assess the corpus of data. DISCO Workflow was used to organize, batch data, and manage this large-scale review. Real-time metrics on reviewer pace, performance, and findings were also used to monitor and control the review progress. Considering their in-house resources, this matter was a challenge that would have been impossible for counsel to complete in time without DISCO.

Small-scale document review

  • Labor & employment
  • 12 GB
  • 2 product users

A county attorney’s office was defending a lawsuit from a current employee who sued the county for discrimination. Counsel needed to review 12 GB of emails from the plaintiff and from his co-workers that contained the plaintiff’s name. DISCO was able to upload, deduplicate, and thread the email conversations quickly. Search Term Reports were then run against the data to determine what emails needed to be reviewed. DISCO’s easy-to-use interface and sub-second document rendering allowed counsel to code the relevant documents and meet their production deadline.

Records request

  • Subpoena response
  • 500 MB
  • 3 product users

A city attorney’s office needed to quickly upload, deduplicate, review, and export a small batch of documents in response to a third-party subpoena. DISCO self-service tools allowed counsel to upload data anywhere, anytime. Using DISCO Custom Columns, counsel quickly created a custom grid view of document metadata to sort and drill into pertinent documents. Document viewer tools like drag-and-drop redactions and document notes allowed the team to easily collaborate, as all work product created in DISCO was indexed and stored. Team members ran searches to find a particular note, redaction reason, or list of redacted documents.

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