Review Workflow

DISCO Workflow enables firms to manage large and complex reviews without sacrificing DISCO’s already famous ease-of-use and performance. With just a few clicks, you can easily design and optimize your review process in real-time with visual analytics.

DISCO Workflow overview video

Workflow Management

Design and implement your review process with ease. DISCO Workflow delivers the ability to create review stages, design review decisions, and manage review teams with just a few clicks, even on the largest of reviews with terabytes of documents and hundreds of reviewers. Gone are the days of having to rely on — and wait for — third parties to set up, manage, and control your review.

DISCO Workflow Stages detail screenshot
DISCO workflow screenshot

Review Organization

Segment and prioritize your data into review stages with ease. Adding documents to a stage is as easy as a search, and moving documents through your workflow is automatic. Documents can be grouped to allow for more granular control over which documents are reviewed by reviewers, and on-demand batching means changing strategies doesn’t require clearing any backlogs.

Key Metrics

Gain insight and take control as key metrics are presented to you in real-time as your review progresses. Recognize outlying decisions made by reviewers, stay up-to-date with completion date expectations, objectively quantify team performance, understand tagging trends, and get a snapshot of your overall review process — and optimize it when needed — on demand.

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