Quality Control

DISCO Quality Control allows review managers and lawyers to quickly sample, check, and analyze documents for the purpose of quality control. By automating many steps in the process and dramatically simplifying the rest, DISCO makes it possible to quickly gain insight, identify causes, and resolve any errors made in review.

DISCO QC overview video

Document Sampling for Quality Control

Quickly draw a random sample from a full set of documents requiring QC. The sample of documents is then pushed out for QC review. Reviewers can also choose to focus on a subset of coding fields to focus the QC (e.g. only focus on responsive and privilege tags). Once the sample of documents has been reviewed by the team, DISCO will automatically calculate errors rates and detect patterns.

DISCO QC sampling screenshot
DISCO QC visualization screenshot

Visual Analysis of Errors and Overturns

Visually detect errors by analyzing the QC results on an interactive dashboard. Charts show the breakdown of both errors where a tag was incorrectly applied (e.g. incorrectly marked as responsive), as well as errors where no tag was applied when it should have been (e.g. privilege tag was missed). The dashboard then allows you to see patterns where these errors occur, such as particular document types or specific reviewers.

Automated Population Estimation

Easily understand the scale of errors across large quantities of documents by reviewing only a few. DISCO provides a dashboard that shows — through the use of advanced statistical analysis — the prevalence of errors in the larger population of documents submitted for quality control. In seconds, you can quickly see accuracy scores for your population and adjust your review workflow as needed.

DISCO QC automated population estimation screenshot

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