New Features

We've enhanced our email threading to be able to identify when the body of an email contains unique content - called Inclusive Emails. Additionally, workflow batches can now be configured to consist of only inclusive emails and emails with attachments. With these improvements, you can reduce your review volumes by over 30%.

Create custom reports, tailored to your unique workflow requirements, in DISCO. DISCO’s Document List Export allows you to select any or all metadata and work product columns for export. Not a power user? Easily export all metadata and/or work product with one click.

DISCO’s enhanced search builder assists first time DISCO users in running complicated search strings with more certainty and confidence. Not only is this new search builder more intuitive, but little to no Westlaw/LexisNexis knowledge is required to leverage its capabilities.

Custom Columns allows you to view relevant documents right from your homepage. You will be able to pick which columns are displayed and in what order in your document lists for both Search & Explore and Workflow Batches. Customized views will allow you to run ECA, as well as, check coding consistency for purposes of QC.

DISCO’s new Tag Predictions feature makes document coding easy. Using Machine Learning (ML), DISCO will recommend which tags should be applied to what documents. DISCO ML continuously learns from concurrent tagging behaviors to fine tune the algorithm which powers the predictions, requiring NO prior setup.

With DISCO’s new ‘Custom Permissions’ feature, Admins can create custom roles to define which features, functions, and actions users in their database are allowed to use and access. The Reviewer and Restricted Reviewer roles can be copied and modified to create custom roles. Additionally, DISCO standard roles and custom roles are better visualized through checklists.

With DISCO’s ‘Threaded Conversations Browser,’ reviewers can better visualize and navigate through a threaded conversation, with instant access to threads, missing emails, and attachments. Forwarded emails are also included within conversations and appear as a new thread.

Users will now have the ability to quickly view any produced document in the Document Viewer and can easily switch between different versions of the produced document. In the previous version, users had to download the document before they could see the produced version.  This new version is more efficient for the user.

DISCO expands its field creation capabilities by now allowing client admins to both create custom fields with ease and apply security to them to ensure only certain users and groups can see and edit their content. This becomes particular beneficial when detailing with multi-party litigation, joint defense groups, and expert witnesses.

Reviewers can now more efficiently complete the review process by automatically tagging related documents in accordance with their preferences. Users will be able to choose when to apply tag changes to family members or other emails in a conversation so that tag propagation will fit their personal review workflow