DISCO for Litigation Boutiques

Relied on by more than 300 leading litigation boutiques, DISCO is an all-in-one ediscovery solution that offers processing, early case assessment, hosted review, and production.

DISCO for litigation boutiques

Find evidence faster

Originally born out of a litigation boutique, DISCO understands that when it comes to ediscovery, manpower alone does not equal results. DISCO delivers the fastest performance and most accurate experience in the industry, with 1/10-second search results and 1/3-second document viewing, regardless of database size or complex file types.

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Extend your case team

We’ve assembled a staff of industry experts with both legal and ediscovery expertise to become a valuable extension of your team. From a single task to full outsourcing, DISCO offers unparallelled managed services, project management services, and data services.

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Vetted and trusted

DISCO is relied on by more litigation boutiques than any other ediscovery provider to solve their ediscovery needs. DISCO offers pricing that is both transparent and predictable, flat-rate monthly billing based on the volume of data being reviewed, rather than on hidden processing and production fees, significantly reduces costs.

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Customer stories

Once we saw DISCO in action, we knew it was the right fit. We've since switched to using DISCO on all of our new cases.

— Denise De Mory, Partner at Bunsow De Mory Smith & Allison LLP

Specialized document review

  • Intellectual property
  • 1.2M docuents
  • 23 product users

A litigation boutique specializing in intellectual property disputes came to DISCO with the need to review for over 1 million documents, many of which required expert review. As data were received, DISCO’s technical services quickly remediate incomplete loadfiles and automated the upload of documents into DISCO so the team could begin reviewing immediately. As the review progressed, counsel was impressed with DISCO’s speed and ease-of-use. “The ability to search a range of document where I had tagged something prior is amazing! For example, I knew I had tagged a document on Wednesday and, using the tag audit search, was able to quickly find the document in question,” stated counsel.

First pass document review

  • Healthcare litigation
  • 314,000 documents
  • 9 product users
  • 1 DISCO project manager

A litigation boutique was referred to DISCO for help with a first pass review of around 300,000 documents. Using DISCO for document review, a team of 7 attorneys powered through the review in under three weeks. As the review progressed, real-time Workflow Metrics allowed the DISCO Project Manager  to monitor the progress and immediately address any coding issues. Thanks to DISCO’s upfront, 12-step processing, the team was also able to complete on-the-fly redactions and utilize global term highlighting for a more efficient review. When interviewed, an attorney from the firm stated, “DISCO professional services provides indispensable support. From small tweaks, to assistance with targeted reports in response to opposing counsel, DISCO’s experienced team feels like an extension of our own.”

Large-scale case migration

  • Construction litigation
  • 4M documents
  • 5 product users
  • 1 DISCO project manager

A litigation boutique specializing in construction law inherited a large amount of data they needed to process and evaluate for responsiveness while at the same time exclude from production documents that had already been produced. The data was disorganized; over 40% of the documents had no custodian. Family metadata was also missing. DISCO Professional Services worked with the firm to contact the predecessor and obtain previous tagging information, family metadata, the meaning of certain bates prefixes, and other information that allowed greater understanding the data. DISCO’s Project Manager also assisted with the analysis the existing data using DISCO Advanced Search features, enabling the creation of accurate review stages and productions. Overall, the firm collaborated with DISCO Professional Services to migrate over 4 million documents into DISCO for review, obtain missing metadata needed to complete the review, and effectively complete the remaining review and production of responsive data.

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