DISCO Announces Improvements To Fastest Growing Ediscovery Solution

DISCO Announces Improvements To Fastest Growing Ediscovery Solution

Batch printing, notifications, notes and redaction improvements make tasks for lawyers and litigation support easier, faster and more productive

Houston, TX — Disco announces new enhancements to its ediscovery SaaS solution

Legal technology company CS Disco Inc., based in Houston, Texas, announced several enhancements to its ediscovery Software as a Service, helping to make it the fastest growing solution among law firms, legal services providers and enterprises.

“These new product features are the latest in continuous quality improvements Disco has introduced to help lawyers and litigation support managers work the way they want to work,” according to Keith Zoellner, Vice President of Engineering & Product Development at Disco. “These improvements represent our attention to detail and design that sets Disco apart from other legal technology providers and demonstrate how we leverage our “legal DNA” to make the discovery process, faster, easier and more effective.”

Recent improvements to the search, review and production process for Disco ediscovery include:

Batch Printing gives lawyers and other users the ability to generate a print-ready PDF (or series of PDFs) of a group of documents, saving time and speeding the discovery process. Much like mass tagging, the user can print documents from a search or individually selected docs via the check boxes in the search results.

Document History tells the user who did what to documents or matters such as who tagged a specific matter, and who redacted a particular document. The new “See History” feature displays a list of actions performed grouped by day, and the most frequently used actions are placed under an “important tab” for easy viewing.

Enhanced Notifications boost productivity by dramatically improving the user’s ability to multi-task and keep track of what has been accomplished during the work day. When logging in to Disco users immediately see a little bubble on screen showing the number of new/unread notifications they have similar to what is displayed in Facebook or other social media interfaces. Users get notified of product updates as soon as they are available.

Document and Privilege Notes are much easier and less distracting to manage. Clicking on the Notes item in the sidebar now slides in a panel that allows the user to view and edit the notes for a document without obscuring the document being reviewed. Disco has also included an additional field for entering privilege notes.

Redactions are now directly integrated into the viewer, so you don’t have to navigate to another screen to see them. Users simply click the “Add Redaction” button, to make redactions right in the document view. Once saved, the redactions can be viewed or hidden, as well as viewed or edited at any zoom level.

“All these enhancements pave the way for Disco to make additional refinements in the coming weeks such as multiple document notes, annotations, and other improvements,” Zoellner explained. “And because we are a software as a service, our clients always get the latest improvements right away with no hassle or wait for product updates.”


CS Disco Inc. makes the best legal technology in the world. Since the introduction of its ediscovery solution in 2013, Disco has become the first choice for innovative legal technology at more than 300 law firms, enterprises, and government units, including 40 of the AmLaw 200. Disco’s ediscovery solution lets lawyers find evidence as much as 10x faster, even at multi-TB scale, and without relying on third party technology or services. Visit our website at www.csdisco.com and take a self-guided tour.

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