DISCO for Corporations

DISCO is an all-in-one ediscovery software solution that offers processing, early case assessment, hosted review, and production. Empowering you to handle internal investigations or work in conjunction with outside counsel, DISCO keeps you in control.

DISCO for corporations

Empower your team

Whether it’s performing an internal review or engaging in complex, multi-district litigation, DISCO’s 100% cloud-native ediscovery solution keeps you in control. Making your data accessible from anywhere at any time allows you to seamlessly collaborate with both internal and external teams regardless of the volume of data or number of users working on a matter.

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DISCO all-inclusive pricing

Price predictability

Resolve budgeting challenges and accurately forecast legal spend with DISCO’s transparent and predictable pricing model. Flat-rate per gig monthly billing based on the volume of data being reviewed — rather than on hidden processing and production fees — allows corporate legal departments to better control spending and accurately predict costs.

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Data security

DISCO’s native-cloud technology keeps your data secure, confidential, and accessible. Whether at rest or in motion, your data is encrypted to guarantee confidentiality and privacy. DISCO offers robust security that allows you to control who accesses your data at the case, folder and document level.

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DISCO encryption
Take a deep dive into DISCO security to see how we protect your data. 

Customer stories

DISCO delivers unprecedented transparency for corporate legal departments in a solution that outside counsel are also delighted to adopt. DISCO’s approach to search, review, workflow, and metrics is excellent and incredibly simple to use.

— Colin Ward, ViaSat, Inc.

Internal Investigation

  • Breach of contract
  • 80,000 documents
  • 5 product users

An organization reached out to DISCO to assist with a sensitive, internal investigation. The team needed to get a handle on the substance, not just the volume, of documents spanning 15 years for one custodian and time was of the essence. The team was able to drop a list of search terms into DISCO and, using DISCO Workflow, three attorneys were able to power through the documents and not overlap one another’s work. As the team reviewed, DISCO AI surfaced the most relevant documents and allowed the team to find the needle in a haystack of 15 years worth of data — almost 80,000 collected documents.

Large-scale document review

  • Construction defect
  • 24 TB
  • 90+ product users

A sizable Metro Transit Authority needed to ingest and review over 24 terabytes of data from the opposing party’s production for issues. Leveraging DISCO’s Managed Review services and sub-second document review tools, a team was assembled to quickly get eyes on the corpus of data. DISCO Workflow was used to organize, batch, and manage this large-scale review. Real-time metrics on reviewer pace, performance, and findings were also used to monitor and control the review progress. With DISCO, counsel was able to extend their team to complete this massive review on time and on budget.

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